Oort fuel


Is this true?
I thought it would be more!
Not to brag but that means im 1/4 the oort spender as Ultima.

And im a solo player!

Makes me feel very high rollerish :stuck_out_tongue:


Now that my build is starting to look less ■■■■ i might even become arrogant and cocky becouse of this!!

( ive gotten 2 neighbours (yay!!) and 3 quitters have reemerged so wont take all the glory for the flourishing view of Antaria. :p)


If you’re bored Black Light also needs oort :sweat_smile:


Haha, i’dd wish. Tbh i was reaching a small oort crisis myself. Wife have cut down on my daily play time :sob:fml​:joy:lol.

But a departed neighbours house was getting eaten my regen and it contained 350oort crystals.


I think thats a weeks worth or more. Either way its alot, now getting juciy in the extractors :stuck_out_tongue:


You spend 1,500 oort per day?


Sadly yes. I do :sob:

I want compact oort allready…

Those 4 day max fuled portals hurt so much when they go out and needs to be reopened. Happened twice on me… and i have 5 of those :weary:


Tomir, you have a vast mining and forge set up, open for a trade? I can’t get into mining but enjoy hunting. I have minimal oort needs for Odin’s rest on Angel 1.


Oort cost is keeped low by using portal network wisely. Surely you can use 5k shards a day easily if you just set portals that are high blinksecs from each other


Which location do you run? What’s your in-game name?


Tomir is my ingame name. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have alot of local 1x2
One 2x2 to ultima mall hub

Then i have:
Antar Vi - serp
Serp - alnitans
Serp - flan
Flan - alycon
Alycon - galan

Serp and flan also have some local portals.

Will soon add shedu to get a quiler route to serinitys shimm farm and valhalla (majorvex?) yam farms.

Or maybe build a couple of my own public farms.

I really want to connect to more of the new planets but gah. The blinksecs, i would be fine with higher portal cost and longer reach if we could compact portal fuel. :stuck_out_tongue:


This sounds really interesting.
I do have a major stockpile of hunting mats and forged materials, though :sweat_smile:

awaiting more forging untill someone figures out a good system or someone comes with a compilation of new knowledge.

I were selling forged stuff forn 5-18k (rank 270-380)

Had a constant supply of 4-8k slingbows (game needed more hunters)

But since im a ps4 guy and that means no test server, i will have to wait, not to spare recources but to save time. :stuck_out_tongue:

But once this stuff is cleared up im really hyped for more jolly co operation.


Do/did you sell forged aoe hammers with 4k damage and durability? If so how much


Sold them at 10-17k mostly around 13500 and 15000. Dont know how it will be now, ill try to do the same.

Also did buy 5 get one free etc.

I will know more in 2-3 weeks. :slight_smile: