Oort Island - Treasure hunt

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No sanctum trick involved, garanteed


Where is this place


In Sasquatchville, on Alder. you can reach it trough ps hub bitula, ps hub alder (s8) , hubbit hub alder, tnt mega hub, duskmoor, ultima hub on alder and a few other places I cant remember.

Its located near the hub, by the neighboring lake


Thankyou very much.


I got the treasure, thank you so much, very slick in deed.


Haha, well played then!!

Congratulation to @aaron5 for reaching the treasure first!!!

Its confirmed the treasure has been taken by @aaron5.

Aaron, what is your toon name? We will put up a congrulatory sign near the maze and my pal LaserTech want to give you his felicitations in person on game :wink:


My in game name is Rosa I live in duskmoor on pheminorum. I will be back on tomorrow morning.


Fun fact, if your connection runs out in the cave, you drown almost instantaneously. :upside_down_face:


A new 200 oorts prize has been placed in the maze, those who want to test their internet connections while drowning are welcome to Oort Island!! @PanduhGaymes


New fun fact, if you are on your last water potion as you reach the treasure room, you will drown right after taking the treasure.
I did it! Crappy wifi and all.
I have to ask, did y’all change the maze from two days ago? I found a lot more open paths I couldn’t get to before.


Must be luck :wink: nothing got changed as far as i know. Well played!


Interesting. I could have sworn that there were different plants in spots, and I know that there was a torch at a certain turn. (I failed the first few areas so much I memorized them).


New developments on Oort Islands!!

Volcanic activity on the surface of Oort Island made the mazes unsafe to explore!!

The safety dept of Sasquatchville has ordered a complete lockdown of the maze until it has proven to be safe.

(Were gonna do a bit a switching and open the maze soon, thx to all who participated!)

(And yes plants and torches have been moved during the last 2 days, i use them when I try to complete it on solo)


Ah. I was wondering if there was a pattern to them, it did help me find the way a bit.


Really nice job to both of you guys!

Curious… how many potions did it take ya’ll?


Over the weekend, at least 150.
Yesterday, it was about 10 to find the correct direction, then I think like 9 at most the final trip? With several just due to bad connection leading to death.