Oort Island - Treasure hunt

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Hi everyone,

Welcome to Oort Island, a strange island full of stories.

Since its discoveries, there has been 99 death reported on the island, mostly people working on finding its ancient mysteries!!
Old legends from Sasquatchville says that Oort pirates once roamed these parts of Alder and used the mysterious Island as their hideout. Some even says a giant stack of Oort is hidden there, ripe for the taking.

Most recently, me and my colleagues from the Sasquatchville history museum of Oort Island discovered a secret passageway to an ancient, submerged labyrinth!

After exploring it a bit, i found the treasure!! but locked away!

As I was gasping for air, in this submerged hell, i took the picture above and swam back to the entrance, not wanting to be the next victim of this treasure hunt.

Now the chance to find the treasure falls on all of you, im getting too old for this…

Anyone who need advice can come see me at the tiki bar next to the island, drinking LaserTech’s famous Adventurer Brew, best brew in town!

Good luck adventurers!


A few minutes after the news of the labyrinth was relased, and everyone saw my pictures of the treasure, the first adventurers showed up!!

Coureagous lads, Espeon and Athenos tried to navigate the corridors.
They had a look at the treasure, it was big!!! Surely 500 rough oortstone!! As they saw no air pocket around, they swam back to the last one they had found.

After a bit of thinking, they decided to rush forward, hoping they would find air along the twisty corridors.

They died of drowning…

I was sipping my Treasure Hunter brew as i saw them walk back from the sanctum…

Who will find how to survive this tortuous labyrinth long enough to reach the treasure?

We will know, Next time in the secrets of Oorts Island!!


I don’t want to respec for water breathing :persevere: but good luck to those still trying.


On my way! See ya soon!


Death #1, Death #2, Death #3, Death #4 well work tomorrow. Maybe I’ll try again after work if it’s still there! That was good entertainment thanks for that.


I don’t remember the exact stats but with the correct stats and a brew you can make it so you heal more health than you lose when drowning. I do know the Golden Fist has a sign with the details in their shop


Yea I was using brews they sell there 600 health over I think was 60secs maybe more with my Max zeal. It was fun. What’s another death penalty after you already have one.


Episode 2

Today we followed 2 seasoned adventurers and witness their trials, trying to reach the Oort Island famed treasure.

These new challengers knew how to survive the depth and not drown.
Each brought his own favourite water breathing brew and made their way trough the maze, pushing trough weeds and various plants.

@Ratchel made a valiant effort and seemed to go at least trough half of the maze before succumbing to the absence of air.

Danitron went in after ratchel. No luck as he forgot his favourite drink and had to go back home to get them.
He came back after a while, ratchel was still in the maze, far ahead.
Sounded to me like he brought some bad stuff for this trial, as he didnt last as long as ratchel inside the cavernous sunken hell.

Seems like experience and knowledge wont be enough to win this one.
Preparations and luck might do the trick… In episode 4!

Mysteries of Oort island


I stuck it out for 44 brews.

I died once at 23 and hung out in an air pocket while I took a little break. Once I had the door tagged, I also made 2 attempts to get sanctum warped into the room but, it’s full of water I think and maybe too tight for sanctum.

It’s a good maze. If it lasts a while before someone takes it I may come back with a light stick that isn’t an autolooter and try and leave some markers around.

Quite the puzzle!


Over 200 health brews and i couldnt get it. 10/10 would go back again :joy::joy::joy:. Super fun and so worth it!

Edit: I went, armed with 300 more brews. I enjoyed drinking them all by the island and still didn’t get the oorts. I can safely say i memorized parts of the maze :joy:.


Went to see what all the fuzz is about, and what a great build, died so much :smiley:


I sent you Artemas. Been a couple hours and I hear still going!

It’s quite a challenge.


Episode 5

This episode we follow a new group of contestants as they try to overcome death to find the hidden riches of Oort Island.

First was @Nightstar, wich I met in Sasquatchville just as I was about to leave town.
I met him once in his sunken palace, for a huge wax transaction, so I had high hopes for him.

I watched him scan the surroundings of the island, looking for a hidden clue, had to let him continue alone as I had to go.
I still directed him to the entrance to the maze, since the archeologist from Sasquatchville only recently discovered it and it seemed as the only way to reach the treasure.

Then @Artemas had a try at it, accounts of his trial were reported to me by my friend LaserTech.

He is said to have shown the most perseverance and greatest efforts. Even a new technique that I was unaware of.
My friend said it looked as if he was rejected by death itself!! Everytime he died he just got back up, and continued forward driven by the riches ahead of him.

Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain and he didnt reach the treasure

@Jaidic sent a letter to my friend, telling him of a new theory he would try, to get his hands on the loot.
His theory seemed to lead nowhere near the treasure…

Then I heard two other people I already encountered tried their luck in the maze. @Mayumichi, for whom I once did a job, and @RedY3 with whom I recently traded with. Had good hopes for those two.

I didnt get a detailed account of their trials, but as I went to check the state of the treasure trough the doors at the start of the maze, thousands of empty potions containers were gathered, probably all brought down by the current.

The treasure was still in place.

Will someone reach the treasure? next time in…

The mysteries of Oort Island


At the risk of sounding like a huge skeptic, I have to ask, is there an actual path into the treasure room? I’ve spent about 4 hours exploring the maze and need to know that its not in vain.
Love the build and the city, great job.


There is a way, but its tortuous and confusing, but we tested it touroughly starting from the beginning and the end simultaneously and we managed to reach the same point in the maze.

Never managed to do it all without dying so we made a entrance near the treasure to test before opening the maze and loading the treasure.

Theres a way, but it’ll require lot of perseverance and luck.

Thanks for trying it :slight_smile:


There’s ways to walk underwater without dying. But you have to spec your character for it and have recovery(might be wrong name but the one that heals over time) brews. Tier of recovery depends on your health stat.


The riddle of eternal drowning has been resolved :wink:

Its the navigating the maze thats the issue now :wink: thx @FireAngelDth for making first part of the challenge easy for everyone :wink:


That’s good to know. I’ll have to try again later.


Okay, this sounds like way too much fun. I’m sad I was out this weekend or I would have a go.

I have an expedition in mind… now to recruit some willing sacrifices best friends to help me :smiley:


Torturous and confusing is right…I started mapping the maze as I went (3D graph paper helps a ton for this). I still haven’t gotten to the treasure, and I was meticulous. I am finding it likely that there is a hidden entrance somewhere.

I’m just hoping there isn’t something like a sanctum trick involved.