Oort Needed on Angel 1

Running out of coin for transport. Looking for oort shards available on Angel 1 or directions on Angel 1 to an active trading hub. Thank you


-577N 1,514E is the Dragon World Hub on Angel 1 where you can set up your own portal.

I recommend using BUTT to find worlds and prices for items.

@Bekkur I am the owner of the Angel I Dragon World Hub. I’m not online as much as I used to be due to nerve issues on my arms but I do my best to keep the main portal to Dragon World open. If you want you are more then happy to open a 1x2 portal to the hub (900 shards for 5 weeks). This way you wouldn’t have to worry about fueling such a huge portal to the Dragon World network :slight_smile:


Hey bro, could not keep this unnoticed in my head. How are you doing? Are you managing? Can i assist/support you in any way or form? Anything you would need?


@HOST I’ve been dealing with this issue for quite some time now… Thanks for asking… and thank you for offering your assistance/support but for the time being I’m ok… got enough oort to keep the Dragon World Hub running for a decent amount of time… When I’m ok to play I go mining for ores to sell to make coin to buy oortstones… :slight_smile:


That is appreciated but I am having difficulty finding oort shards and just want to buy or trade for them for now. That and maybe some gemstone but the oort shards are the priority. I have exactly 1 right now.

In the Knowledge window under the recipes it lists all the items, each of which has a few tabs including market listings for the world you’re on. Dragon Hub is a great way to get to a ton of other worlds and shops and well worth the point required in caustic protection. If you like I can also trade you some shards directly.

If more meteors fell it would be less of an issue but none have dropped on Angel that I have seen. I am at 1673N, -321E, Altitude 70. I would be happy to trade. If there are specific items you need.

Meteors won’t fall on Angel I. They fall on tier 3 planets upwards. Cephonix Merika is a good place to hunt as a newer player.

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Hi, have you solved the problem? I can help right now

I’m at your place and I have oort shards.


Now there’s a face I haven’t seen in a couple of years. Have you come back?

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Oh, i regularly read the forum!!) Sometimes i even make pathetic attempts to build something again, for which i am ashamed in the end! :joy: But this is still my favorite game, which gave a lot of warm and kind emotions. Here is one of the nicest and most pleasant communities! :boundless: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Apologies but I am in the process of moving and have not been on. Getting old sucks and it takes me a bit longer to do everything. What should have taken maybe a day is rolling in to day three. I am making the final leg of the journey today and should be on later tonight.

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Hey no worries. I’m a pretty patient person. And getting old does suck. I’ll be 46 next year and I already hate the aches and pains.
Also there may be a time differential, so for reference, I’m in the U.S., Central Standard Time. It is currently 6:26 am here.
From your reference, I would assume a bit of a difference. U.K.? Australia?

Hmm alrighty :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I do have a temporarily planet for emerald, and im buying emerald at 150c on that planet, its of dragon hub → cardass, right around the corner, the planet itself is not staying, unless fueled by those that want to keep it, so feel free to do some mining there! It does have the best average per chunk

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Finally set up in Vegas. Temporary spot but better than no place

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dropped off the oort in your request basket.


I got myself stuck on Serpensarindi without return coin. No worries. I will make it back soon. Thank you very much. I am on PST and usually on after 6 or 7 pm.


if ur home beacon is angel 1 u can use the conduit in sanctum for free to get home

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