Oort Online adventure pack

Could u pls change the price of the Adventure pack? From 51 to 50. So i could actually but it and wont need another 10€ psc. ^^

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ikr? the prices are so annoying -.- you always have to buy an extra psc :sob:
please change the euro prices @ben @james I’ve already bought this game 4 times and 2 times collectors edition and it’s so annoying :smiley:

The prices on OortOnline.com are set to be consistent with Steam. On Steam we use their balanced currency conversion tool to make sure prices are consistent and fair between different currencies. We don’t plan to change this at the moment.

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:c then i cant buy atm

I would not be so harsh about this. Steam has contractual requirements that the game must comply to when working with them. I cannot say for sure that this is part of that, but the game is more than worth the extra.