Oort Online: Not a Pay-to-Win Game

Different scenario.

I agree with these big changes. WoW had a similar system.

Other MMORPGs also make you pay to respect your character, which is death to a new player who probably speced wrong to begin with. Things like this don’t need to be charged for.

But as what was concluded earlier, the server rental should cover the long term cost of the game. Although I still wouldn’t mind some merchandise like a cool Oort T-shirt.

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now this is a curious statement, do you have anything to cover it up? how much the dev team is paid? the cost of running the servers? the cost of the software and hardware they use? at the very least you must have a precise number on how much their office costs to rent?

Or maybe you dont have any numbers? this is what bothers me a bit, people who just states ‘‘i dont want to pay, therefore i will state now that the team doesnt need money’’ you might say that you are not gonna buy anything from the cashshop which is fine, however stating something you have absolutely no knowledge about as fact is just the peak of ignorance :confused:

EDIT: on further thought you might not have meant it like that and just phrased it pretty poorly, you should at the very least say ‘‘hopefully server rental will be enough to cover the long term cost of the game’’ as i mention in the other post about funding, i find it a bit sad of people to dismiss cashshop using the argument ‘‘but people can rent servers’’

Why does he need to know this numbers to make his statement? Even if he knew their expenses we would not be able to compare them to anything since we don’t know how much money rented servers will generate.
You are also just assuming that a cashshop will cut the bill without knowing any numbers. You are both just making assumtions.

Just because one dislikes the idea of a cashshop doesnt automatically mean that he wants the game to be free. I haven’t read a single post that said “I don’t want any additional expenses”. You just summed up all posts that disagree with a cashshop and suggest a different approach to the long therm game founding as


Not at all, i think not wanting a cashshop is okay. but when you say ‘‘this one thing will make enough money’’ it seems a bit odd. sadly you got me, it is quite the hypocritial statement from my side.

the reason as cash shop is what i mention is because it can be as big or as small as you want. a cashshop is not just 1 thing, but can be everything from small regret items to regret items, blocks, skins, unique items, titles, vanity pets, costumes, minigame items etc etc. i personally would also like merchandise :smile:

but by all means, please do suggest something that isnt just server renting and merchandise, which can not be counted as cashshop, name change? can be thrown in a cash shop, server change? cash shop. vanity pets? cashshop. it is just a general term.

i can understand why you find it hard though. as you said ‘‘i bought the game so i want to be able to get everything without extra payment’’ which is a fair opinion.

i believe the devs will find a solution, i just dont think you should say ‘‘they only need this thing to stay alive’’ cause in the end what would you rather. pay 5 euro a month for a skin or two, or see the game get shut down? :smile:

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Well with cashshop i had the standard f2p MMO cashshop in mind which includes purchases that i dislike like armor/weapon skins(ok for MOBAS but a no-go for MMOs), mounts and boosts.
I always thought about things like character rename/remodel and servertrans as an account service and not as a cashshop item, so maybe that’s why we kept arguing^^
How would you define unique items? Maybe something like the fun-items in WoW? For example a stone that transforms you into lester for 1 hour a day? (that’s something I´d love to see :lester: )

Since we are talking about cashshop options: What do you think about different animations for your character?
You don’t like the way your character performs /sleep or /sit or the idle standing animation ? For x bucks you can buy a different one.

Yes merchandise would be really awesome. I don’t know why this isn’t a think yet since they have pretty handy artists (and already 1 or 2 T-shirt designs would get the merchandise started) . Maybe because organizing the shipping/printing would be too much effort? Well I´m sure there are plenty of 3rd party companies that would handle that for them (but that’s a thing of company policy if they want to outsource such things).

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not sure about animations. but thins like special emotes would be neat xD

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Nice job taking that completely out of context. (Even using half the sentence.) The exact sentence was “Maybe ya’ll are right and the server rentals should cover the long term cost of the game.” This does not exactly reflect my views because if it did I would not be concerned about buyables to begin with.

Which actually brings me to the reason for a new post. I have an idea from this:

What if we had a Recruit-a-Friend system? What I mean is having an incentive program for getting more people to buy the game, such as:

Recruit 1 person - Earn custom item
Recruit 5 people - Earn additional beacon space.
And so on…


Well I would point to valve games as successful examples of vanity items not slipping into p2w. Tf2 / CS:GO are still two of the most lucrative games in the world, and they’re still just selling hats and skins. I’m noticing that skill based games hardly ever slip into p2w kinda things, where games based on accumulated play time / resource / whatever tend to slip into those traps. Just another reason to have a skill based game… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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but this recruit the friend thing isnt that the reson people are doing higher ranks for example i plan on doing a give away with my extra account

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If this goes pay to win I know that a couple of my friends and I our uninstalling the game… Not what we signed up for at all!:rage:

cs:go sell`s still skins and makes huge amount of money ^^ i know it XD i had some skins XD


@Lycankind maybe we can change the thread title to “Oort Online: Not a Pay-to-Win Game” or something?


Haha you forget our powers!
It’s changed :wink:


good Idea. I just did it. Now there will be less adrenaline on the first look into the forum for many people ^^

@TheBirne We both must have changed it at the same time haha

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yeah, but you won … I added a “!” at the end of the title ;D

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How ironic is this :).

There is nothing more personally painful to a supporter (of whatever) to have naysayers and sometimes just poorly worded posts from fellow supporters pee a vibe of negativity all over it. To call a game pay-to-win is darn near akin to being a Madoff run ponzi scheme.

Now to the irony, I am really skeptical about the ability of many people, including myself, to have mod-like powers. I realize that is the “discourse” philosophy at play. If you have regular users changing the mood of the forum in this way, it is a very slippery slope. It won’t take long for that type of action to damage the trustworthiness of every post on the forum and by association, the game itself.

I think Ben came out and addressed the conservation directly. That was probably good enough. It is not always a bad thing to confront skeptics head on since there are many curious potential players with the same questions.


I’m inclined to agree with you. Regulars should be cautious in the exercise of their powers. I could have changed the title myself, but I thought it more appropriate to ask for input of the thread owner.


I do agree with both of you actually (@tahru and @DarkRepulsor)
I think maybe the title was aggressive (sounded like a headline, for shock value) in the first place, and the change wasnt a great one. I thought something should be changed though, hence why I did it.

May I suggest something like “Pay-to-win Discussion”