Oort Online: Unscheduled down-time [RESOLVED]

We are current experiencing unscheduled down-time for Oort Online due to an issue with one of our service providers. We are looking into resolving this issue and will make an announcement when the issue is resolved.

If you are being prompted to login to Oort Online or are receiving a message such as “Unknown Error (503)” or are able to load the game but are seeing visual artefacts, please close the game and check back later for future announcements.

Thank you for your patience!


Game appears to be back online now.

Soooooo… when is the next scheduled down time :wink:

Vaisier doesn’t seem to have made it back online.

The team has now addressed the down-time issue and the we believe the game is accessible again. If you are still experiencing issues related to logging in, please post a message under “Support” on forum.oortonline.com.

Thanks again for your patience!