Oort Online Wallpaper [32 - 2/7/23]

they are awesome :slight_smile:

Sure, you did build it ;D

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Just made a new Picture. It’s @Mittekemuis Curch from the top of the Tower. Do you like it guys?

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I like it but ofc I am bias

please do a wallpaper of the new folva capital when it’s done :blush: we’re working hard on it :smiley:


##It’s hot in here! WE GOT SOME LAVA!

##Added 3 New Wallpaper 2 of them are preatty the same, one in day- one nighttime. And the third shows the new reflection underwater!

Btw, might that reflection be an bug or did you want that @ben? ^^

##Anyway! I hope you like the Pictures as always!

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Yeah… just bump it up so the new people can see them too! Maybe some new will come soon. I dunno ^^