Oort Online Wallpaper [32 - 2/7/23]

Hey Guys!

I’ve made a lot of Wallpapers in the Past about many things and now I’ve done one for Oort Online I hope you like the Design of the first one :wink:

If I am going to do more, I’ll just add them here.

#Fancy Wallpaper:

custom Wallpaper:
(If you want an Wallpaper of your Building just tell me)

@Mittekemuis’s’s’s HMS Victory


The Nordic Realm of Flova

(This was build by @Predatoxic)

@Relentor’s’es Mansion

#Basic Wallpaper:
(I dont know wehre I made which picture so so don’t even ask ^^)

#New Wallpaper:


If you do more I will pick one and put it as background on my fb profile.

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Awesome! This is my new background now =D

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The lighting makes this one look kind of wonky in my opinion, but great job with all of them!

I’m not sure what you mean with “wonky” I dont know that word ^^

Weirdly or strangely formed. I think it just looks a bit odd, but it’s probably just the game’s lighting mixing with the already weird looking hill.

Maybe its the Oil paintings filter I used? ^^

I wanna build a home in those blue grassy hills! :heart_eyes:

That is Nbor (at night), I just suddenly found the Place again ^^

there you go as promised. The first had me sold tbh


Those are awesome!

I should really dust off my copy of Photoshop and get a working but I’m swamped with so many other things at the moment.

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You should Center it :stuck_out_tongue:

@remirol I’m working with Gimp ^^

ah but I wanted all the worlds
Can I have one custom made with one of my builds?

Sure you can, All I need is the Location of your Building and how you want me to build it (Edit: what?! That makes no sense, did I mean build the Picture?! the fu-ck? :D), I’m on an TeamSpeak Server right now, if you want to talk with me I can give you the IP.

My first Custom Wallpaper is up, more is coming I just worked 1,5 hours on that one because it’s such an amazing Picture and I played a lot with filters ^^

More is coming Guys, so be prepared to get amazed. :wink:


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

I absolutely adore it. THANK YOU!


I just updated some of the basic Wallpapers and added 7 brand new ones! Made them some minutes Ago. :wink:

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Just added 7 New Pictures! 6 Basic Wallpaper and 1 Custom Wallpaper, @Relentor’s Mansion.

As you can see, this time I was fixed on Gortnen, actually it just looked amazing when I came first online after updating today. I wasnt abel to hold myself and did need to make some Screenshots xD
I didn’t think I would do one of Gornen that early because where I was building my Labyrint, it didn’t look that good ^^

Funfact: The first Gortnen Picture is right next to my Labyrinth, if you turn around youre right in front of it :smiley:

How do you like them my fellow Oortarians? :wink:

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Yaaay! 200 Views! Thats :100: + :100: ! Awesome, My spamm does help! xD Hypetrain!
:train::train::train: :train::train::train: :train::train::train: :train::train::train: :train::train::train: :train::train::train: :train::train::train: :train::train::train: :train::train::train: :train::train::train:

2 New custom Wallpaper, both build by @Predatoxic in @Mittekemuis’s Nordic Realm of Flova.

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