Oort Temples and Titans

Hi everyone,

this topic was mentioned from time to time in some dev posts, but there was no topic really dealing with it.

Are there more concrete facts and ideas about it?
@ben I reference you here, because i think you usually mentioned them.

Till now I read stuff like:

  • two types of “instances”: titans and temples
  • titans are guardians of temples

Is this the concept? Do both necessarly belong together?
If both are kind of instances, why not seperate them?

Also, are titans always flying (and moving?) or can they be on earth not moving?
And what about the idea of temples? Are they static?

Also what comes hand in hand with these questions:
will temples and titans be partwise protected by npc beacons? So people could not just dig their way through them to solve em?

Everyone feel free to quote published dev statements and/or write your ideas/wishes on here.

I’d like to have plenty of these “instances” in the game.
And i hope they also include hidden secrets for unknown formulas, while the temples are hard to find themselve.


I don’t really think this was confirmed, titans are more like giant creatures you can raid for loot at the peril of your own safety. (From how I understood it anyway)

Titans are flying, they have problem making 3x3 size creatures moving in accordance with the landscape making humongous creatures do it would probably be much harder.

Seems like a great idea for temples. With the pictures we have of titans right now it does not really seem that there is any set direction to go through it, from what I understood about them they are more supposed to be a hard fight with the titans smaller minions protecting it.

Just if they are moving, what for my understanding is not really clear yet. Yet I feel more like they float in air.

they will move ^^ the devs confirmed it on steam


I hope we still get Oogres

Good question. An answer to this would be better expressed through a devlog post. We’ll try address it in the future, but this is an area not well fleshed out at the moment so I probably wouldn’t be able to give a very fulfilling overview or answer questions.

When we’ve done some solid design we’ll post something :slight_smile: