Oort Text found!

An ancient oortian text was uploaded to the Boundless Forum. This is it!

:oort_start: :oort_t::oort_h::oort_e::oort_space::oort::oort_space: :oort_h::oort_a::oort_d::oort_space::oort_a: :oort_space: (:oort_d::oort_a::oort_t::oort_a: :oort_space: :oort_f::oort_i::oort_l::oort_e::oort_space::oort_c::oort_o::oort_r::oort_r::oort_u::oort_p::oort_t::oort_e: :oort_d::oort_stop:)

We plan on finding more of it some day.
Translation: The oort once had a (DATA FILE CORRUPTED)
We will find more soon.

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How do you make oort text? Is there an alphabet?

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Boundlesscrafting.com has the alphabet

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Sweet, thanks

Is there a way to map it to my keyboard?

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There is a downloadable font for both the letter and number glyphs on this page (small link under the glyphs)… http://boundlesscrafting.com/lore/glyphs


I read your post… then i started downloading birdfont to make my own… then i realized it was using letters… went back and reread your post… then realized i was an idiot and it was already there and for what ever reason i missed the “Download: Oortphabet Font” link… too many weeks in isolation with out coffee is really doing a number but ill put it here in case anyone else isnt firing on all cylinders


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To be fair, it’s a pretty small link! I should probably make it a button :thinking:

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I used :oort_e::oort_m::oort_o::oort_j::oort_i::oort_s:

Hover over the text to find out :stuck_out_tongue: