Oortchard Supply (Plant Stall)


Now open to the public! Stop by at the New Leyden Market on Planet Gellis Prime to check out some assorted plants, spikey things, and fungi to decorate or gather materials for your needs!

I’ve also hidden some aoe tools in one of the many shop stands I randomly placed around the stall as part of the grand opening :slight_smile: if you can reach them.


Love how you used the furnace top as a planter/vase! Would you mind if I stole that idea? Thanks!!!


Go ahead! it was never my idea in the first place xD I just saw a lot of people doing that too and thought it was a good idea haha


Ahh! Made with a reddish orange stone it looks just like a clay pot!

Ive seen them used before but that colour is perfect for it!!


I think I got that orange color from Boori if I remember… It’s an almost perfect match for a terracotta pot ^^