Oortian's lore

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Hi! I have always been curious about the Oort race, but chances devs will ever tell us anything about them are more or less equal to 0, so i want to create my own interpretation of Oort race, their disappearance, technology etc. Over time I will be publishing more mysterious fanarts. I’m also learning to use my new intuos tablet and this is my first digital art. I hope you’ll like it!

An Ancient Being

I saw them in my dream. They looked like nothing i have ever seen, they shined so bright, golden majestic creatures. I swear their clothes were made of stars moving among a giant crimson nebula.

google drive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7SKwe_W1U17RVNzZ2phOVpfMnM/view
inspired by another boundless fanart.
first digital art - 7h in total

more to come…