Oortmas creations service

:christmas_tree: Spread Holiday Cheer with a Free Christmas Character Background! :gift:

Hello boundless members! :star2:

I’m excited to offer you a complimentary service to give your character a festive touch with a Christmas background. Take a look at the sample below, showcasing just one of the many variations I’ve created:

Important Note: This service utilizes a preset apply on Photoshop creations for a quick and delightful result.

How can you get it for free?

I’ve set up a special “green screen” area just outside the south door of the future hub. You have two options:

  1. Let me know your availability, and I’ll happily create the Christmas background for your character.
  2. Visit the green screen area and make it yourself! Don’t forget to post it here or send it via PM.

Rest assured, this process is swift, thanks to the preset nature of the backgrounds. i have made

Let’s make this holiday season extra special for your character! :santa::sparkles:


This is creative and hilarious! Well done Host.

And a very merry Oortmas to all!


Lol thank you :laughing:

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I wanna, I wanna !! :sunglasses: :heart_eyes: