Oortstone Calculator

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Hi all. I spent a bit of time to make a simple but versatile calculator that can show you how much you spend on oortstone!

I needed it for myself to see if I was eventually going to run out of money! It’s hard to keep track of all my portals at once, so I also added a calculator that works for multiple portals. This might be useful for networks, not sure.

It only shows costs if you buy Oortstone and then mass craft it into Oort shards, but I guess you could do the math backwards (Multiply oort shard by 250 then divide by 18) if you buy oort shards instead.

Hope it’s helpful!

Edit: If you want your own copy to mess with you can download it by clicking File > Download as… > Microsoft Excel


This is awesome… thank you for sharing!

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Oh good I’m at 4 600 000 per years. :open_mouth:

Thanks for sharing!

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By loading up the calculator, I have to wonder if the biggest hub owners employ economists to keep track of it all. :slight_smile:

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