Opinions about current live build


You have 8 forum accounts that I am aware of as well… how do you keep up with all of the log in information? Why have 8 separate identities? You’re simultaneously posting on multiple accounts.


Yeah i wonder the same question as well…
Looks like he use a lot of different account to stand the different point of view which make me very confuse :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Do you mind list them all so people know its the same person who keep speaking the different things all the time -_-


My name is Legion, for we are many :wink:


can someone explain the little hearts under creature life bars now? i was fighting a mob with max slingbow skill/power/epic slingbow and only doing 10 dmg on non crits. is there a way to get more damage on these extremely high armour mobs, or are they supposed to be like bosses or something?


What type of slingbow were you attacking it with?


regular ruby


I’m guessing it’s an elemental variation you are attacking? If so ruby will be less effective on a burn world.

If I remember correctly - the 4 icons represent Health, Damage, Armour and Speed

Do you have an alternative slingbow you can try against them?


And less effective on a blast world too (to a lesser extent than on a burn world but still)


I’ve been spending some time trying fresh characters and leveling in different ways. The ideal scenario is that any choice of activity is equally rewarding and equally fun, but the activities themselves aren’t equal - so this is always going to be very hard to achieve.

For example, mining/gathering is pretty safe on the whole. Yes, there’s lava, or a few underground mobs for mining, but it’s not hard to avoid them generally and in the process of mining you’re going to grab a bunch of useful/valuable resources that are vital for other professions.

On the other hand, hunting is dangerous. There’s a high-risk or dying and incurring death penalty; so the reward of XP is higher by comparison. With hunting, you won’t be able to build anything, although some resources you gather will be vital for other professions (eg brewing).

Then there’s building - this is the only profession that actually gives the reward of prestige, so in that sense it’s unique, and there’s no real comparable to that if your aim is to build a settlement. However, if that’s not your aim, maybe it’s less appealing - although if you’re building for the sake of building, then the results might be the desired end on its own.

The truth is that people will approach the game differently, so the relative risk/reward/time equation will have different emphases accordingly. Right now if somebody just wants to power level, hunting is a good option I think - as long as you’re good enough to avoid dying :wink: But will that person be well resourced at level 50, and how much extra time will need to then be devoted to ‘catching up’ with a specialised build?

It’s all part of the fun of a deep, complex game. Or, in other words, the eternal challenge for the devs :slight_smile: It’s extremely likely that it will never be perfect; but on the flipside, with an MMO like Boundless, they’re also always possible to tweak as the game evolves.


I was considering trying to level quicker by going the hunter route and then re-specing but then I decided against that as it’s not something I enjoy doing so why spend time on it. I’m in no rush so I’m just going to do what I enjoy doing, take my time and see where it takes me :grin:


Not tried any combat yet so can not comment on it,

Resource collecting and locations I am happy with,

New colour scheme I am not a fan of I liked it the way it was before.

Skill tree I really hate the way it is now, I liked it the way it was before and found it easier to understand than how it is now :frowning: and it has kind of put me off playing a little.
Why do I have more skill points than I can spend ?


that is for when you buy a new skill set with cubits :slight_smile: the extra points you have is from lvling past lvl 50


I hear you but I am not sure there is a good alternative. I think I will level as fast as I can as a hunter, then respec the hunter to a miner/gatherer. Use an alt or get another account and level that as a hunter to respec as a crafter and then do it one more time to get a builder. Then I will never have to hunt again.

I really did not want to use alts, but I still believe that it will be faster to do this than to level enough past 50 to just use skill resets. The advantage to skill resets would be if you could swap on the fly everywhere but since there is a 15 minute time limit away from home, it does not make is very useful as a way to protect yourself when mining or other activities away from your home beacon. Sure if I am mining and then a mob shows up I could switch to a hunter and defend myself, but then I have to either go all the way back to my home beacon or just log off for 15 minutes before I can go back to mining. I understand the rationale as that is what you would have to do with an alt, but it makes the additional skill sets kind of useless to me. Might as well just take the death penalty as a miner and at least be able to mine when I regen instead of having to go all the way back to my home beacon or log off.


I know exactly what you mean, I was thinking along those lines myself but then I decided rather than engage in something I don’t want to do I’ll just concentrate on the stuff I do like. I don’t like the forge and therefore I’ve decided I’m just going to build a base with a modest workshop and probably won’t even go off planet much as I doubt I’d survive for long with a builder/crafter. If things get boring because of any rolling roadblocks regarding resources and limited portals etc I’ll just find another game … not something I want to do as I really enjoy Boundless but over the year I’ve been playing I’ve always noticed a negative attitude to anyone that describes themselves as a solo player which is pretty ridiculous when you think about it as most people generally start of as solo players and I’m sure even those that wave the group flag engage in solo activities once in while.


I will agree there are times when I do feel beat up advocating for solo play. And here I am also working on two different guild builds (not solo) and providing resources to another. But I still want to be able to do my own thing with my build and not feel limited or that I have to interact with others to acquire resources or tools unless I want to. I doubt I will use the forge also, the gambling aspect of it really turns me off.


Totally agree, I prefer to call myself a predominantly independent player :grin: …I mostly play solo but I also interact with other players on occasion, buy from shops, help the occasional new player etc etc


Essentially you would still be able to mine though, just at a less efficient rate than what your miner can do. Likewise as a miner you are still able to use a slingbow to defend yourself, but obviously not as efficiently as a hunter spec would be able to.


Helping new players or any player is important. That is one of the things I value in this game. I still have the special gleam that @AmandaPan gave me when I was a new player (green and purple). If I used it in a build, I always took it with me if I let the build regen. I had people giving me tools and good advice all through my time in the game. Helping others has nothing to do with group or solo play. It is what makes this a great community.


I got my first iron slingbow given to me when I was on Munteen in the middle of nowhere trying to build a bunker to protect myself from the mobs that could kill me with one shot. I was being attacked by a Spitter at the time, trying to dodge it’s projectiles behind a half built wall when someone came running over from out of the wilderness killed it and then gave me the bow and suggested I should probably try and level up a bit more before coming to Munteen :grin: …I naively thought that if I climbed a big mountain and then dug into it I’d probably find some rare goodies if I dig deep enough …I only found the same stuff as on Therka but it was a good learning experience :smile:


Some people will play alone - there’s no problem with this, but just know the game can’t be balanced entirely around being solo. There will be some things that just aren’t maximum efficiency while solo

That having been said: who says you have to have maximum efficiency? The new skill tree allows you to use some pretty generic epics to achieve a pretty happy middle-ground that you can be proud of as a solo player. You can gather surface resources, mine in caves, be a decent hunter and have a lot of the basic crafting all in one character.

I might even make a guide on how I would play this game solo (not that I do. I interact and trade and work with others a lot - its one of the primary reasons I bought this game). It’s perfectly viable and doable. It’s not efficient, I get that. But you just focus on the next step in your progression and slowly but surely you can get to a good place