Opinions about current live build


Unhappy about Key mapping changes

Freaking totally hate the glare of the sun!!! Give us Sunglasses or get rid of the sun glare this is a game not real life…

Copper color is better but still not good enough…

Meteors - Tons of mixed opinions about meteors!!!

  • Loot table is wildly lacking
  • Difficulty is still lacking (If properly skilled)
    Its has always been easy to die if not properly specked for hunting - No Change here
    The Primary killer at meteors has always been (Environment / Stationary Blocks)
    Fall into lava and die or be pushed into a stationary block and recieve stupid unavoidable damage…

The Mobs themselves still are not much of a threat. Unless of course they toss you into lava or push you up against a wall…

New issues the forge has created…

  • What Bow is in my hand the one that fires no where and I can’t hit anything with it because LACK of range!
    -Or that one bow that actually has some range or the bow that is like a shotgun or the bow that…

Road Runners- Love the Forge!!!

  • There mortality rate has climbed
    -Lack of Ranged weaponry…

Yes it is possible to forge slingbows with range enhancement most slingbows simply don’t have any range!
Good for a Road Runner not so good for the hunters…

Fix- Different Gems having different Base Range and Damage
-Diamond 15 1200
-Saphire 20 1000
-Amythest 25 800
-Topaz - 30 600
-Emerald 35 400
-Ruby 40 200

^^^^^ And let people forge on top of those base differences. Right now all the bows just feel far to short ranged…


Could you expand on “Loot table is wildly lacking”.

Are meteorite more difficult if playing solo or the same? I assume you are playing with a high level character so the difficulty hasn’t changed much for end game characters?


I am actually going to upload a video about this here where I demonstrate and talk about what I am concerned with and hopefully its an easier way to convey the message…

But to answer you question…
LvL 1 - LvL 2 meteors seems to give 4-8 Ort Ore 1 - 2 pieces of Alloy

So you do a meteor and get for instance 5 Oort and 1 Titanium Ore and 1 Gold Ore…
And you think to yourself I could have just waited for all the mobs to die and salvaged the 5 Oort from an inactive meteor and not hassled with the mobs…


I agree with this. Makes it hard to build or chisel with the sun in your eyes. . I have made a lot of mistakes because I cannot clearly see the block I am placing or chiseling.

Over all I am still not happy with the lighting. The copper color is better. Pre version 195 I used copper a lot in builds. Since then and even with the new color, not so much. IN the future I am not going to need copper except to make alloys. That is a shame I really liked the old copper with the metamorphic stone (sigh).


Dormant/failed meteorites should only ever give you a max of 3 items. If they are giving 5 then that’s a bug.
The number of items dropped should not have changed drastically. I think we could up the numbers slightly for solo/small groups. Are you of the opinion that meteorites have always given too few drops to solo or small groups of players?


Personally I’ve found the rewards for solo meteorite hunts not really worth the effort. I’ve always ended up just avoiding them.


definitely too little for solo players and it haas always been the case

I was doing meteorites solo only for a while after they were introduced - to test and out of curiosity, then I stopped and just hunted ambient creatures for their drops when needed, and that’s only when I couldn’t join group hunts for a while.


Yup yup! Thanks for the feedback.


I am of the opinion that the old lvl 3 - 5 meteors were too rewarding
I am of the opinion that the old lvl 1-2 meteors were fine in their rewards

Iam of the opinion that the new lvl 1-2 meteors are pointless
I am of the opinion that the new lvl 3 meteors are far to lacking in reward… I havent seen or done a 4 or 5 as of yet… so I wont comment on that but my assumption based on the 3’s is that lvl 4 and 5 will likely be lacking…

So before the low levels 1 and 2’s were fine the 3-5 were too much but now the 3-5’s have been watered down far too far and there needs to be a middle ground reached…


OK I do understand what people are saying about solo hunts not delivering enough reward. I also have read a lot about how people can level easily hunting for a few hours or less. I spent 6 hours yesterday building and certainly did not get enough xp to level. If the activities are supposed to be balanced, should I not be able to level after placing about 5,000-6,000 blocks and chiseling a decent percentage of them? (btw thank you developers for reducing the energy to chisel). I am not saying xp for hunting should be reduced, but what about increasing the xp for the other activities?


I understand what your saying however… if you make the place of a block to rewarding then the game would turn into max dex walk backwards and hold the mouse button to get xp meta… but your right Hunters have the easiest time leveling…

Thats why I level via hunting and then change my character out after he is lvl 50 to whatever he will be…


we had a relatively hard time with level 1s and 2s on yesterdays hunt… its not like they were a push over with a group of 6, I reckon with 1 or 2 they would be pretty difficult (this was on a fierce t5 world)

Unless you are specifically talking about their rewards, not them just being pointless in general… in which case that’s fine


Yeah, I feel like this is true in some cases. The meteor loot isn’t super great when you are solo, it feels hardly worth the extreme extra effort.

I would also say that with new monster types that meteorites would be more interesting for sure. And I know that’s coming eventually, so I can be patient

I don’t think that meteorites are easy in general, I just think that resistance tanking is too strong.

Rebalance wildstock to not 1 shot you, reduce resistance down to like 60% at max rank + epic, then nerf resistance food to 20% more at max level so you are capped at 80% for a tank. Wildstock have to be rebalanced in this however they just hit too hard to even be taking damage from them at all

Then buff armor too, because its really quite useless at the moment against the big hits.

Either that or make resistance a % damage reduction instead and then buff armor just a bit, so a really hefty tank could take both (lots of skill points tho) to be nearly unkillable like now, but the average player just gets decent benefit.

Right now the system is all or nothing more or less. And having 100%+ avoidance doesn’t feel very engaging, that’s why I avoid the resist food as a self imposed thing so I have to actually take some damage, lol


Big changes coming to xp from all sources soon. Think you will be much happier.

Cash shop? wait what?

Like before wipe soon? Soon approaching is the time we need the most experience we have ever needed :slight_smile:


Can’t say when but we want to get it out for the new worlds.


I think its rly early to say anything about the game. Its going to be more or less relevant when we get the 1.0.


Yay :slight_smile:


Where did the shadows and vibrancy go?


especially ticked off with the lighting (glare) myself… bring back god rays!!! option

But then i read the devs are still WIP on the lighting so patients?