Opinions on Slingbows


Anyone have any strong opinions on some of the best slingbows. I’m moving out of titanium and on to gem slingbows… and while I love rapid shot, it just doesn’t seem worth the low damage to durability ratio. Over the life of the weapon rapid fire slings seem to have really low value. I’m looking primarily at diamond and ruby slings… but I’m open to any opinions.

Thanks in advance!


i use ruby the most. it is a well balanced bow and ruby for me is the easiest gem to find however my favorite is sapphire. sapphire has it all range and power but is one of the rarer gems.


Yeah, and I tend to save sapphires for grapples, so I don’t want to use them on slings.

Thanks for the opinion!


I think in Diamons are nice dmg. If you have a hunting group are Ruby grate at pulling, and one Emeralds is a must to lower the enemy HP. thats a grate combo i think.


After long experimentations i would say:

Best grapples: ruby and sapphire (titanium grapples for price vs quality)
P.S i favorise range on grapples.

Best slingbow: diamonds (used as a shotgun from point blank), ruby (very long range bonus damage in nasharil), topaz (rapid fire and bonus damage on munteen)

Best tools: emerald(low damage but breaks five blocks at once, perfect for strip mining or gathering tons of ressources), diamond(med damage breaks three blocks), amathyst(good damage breaks two blocks) sapphire (one block heavy damage)

Thats my thoughts about gems stuff. Remember to have your four masteries required :wink:


ruby sling is ma fav so far - I like diamond enough too (all spread slings will be more valuable when we get bigger mobs to kill I guess, when all darts will hit the target even from longer distance);

silver would be my choice in mid-tier slings


Yeah silver are good, but silver is much in demand so i don’t use them, i only sell them when i have some.


Thanks for your post doomsdayknight!

I had no idea there were any kind of bonuses with gem tools.


Thanks for that jeff. Gonna craft up some of these now. :slight_smile:


For slingbow I like a ruby and diamond.
I use the ruby to pull cuttletrunks and spitters to me to kill with diamond up close, and the ruby to kill roadrunners and hoppers from a good distance. If too far away though, they appear to heal instantly.
I also like sapphire, but the arc makes it harder to hit and the diamond can do more damage if you get close.
I haven’t used the others much so I have limited experience.