Optimized Route Program

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I know there are the charts for portal costs but has anyone made a program that would figure out the best route from 1 planet to another? Example you enter a start planet Houchus I then enter an finish planet MaryX . The program would say something like Houchus I to Besvrona to Till to MaryX = 30 Oort Shards (or whatever chart you use).

As I have no programming skills I have no idea if this is easy or hard. I know the data is in an Excel spreadsheet so that is a start.

I would love to do this, but have no real way to reliably get the data for what portals are open and unlocked.

@Simoyd It is not so much about what portals are open or not but really about the best way to get from one planet to another.

I guess part 2 of this could take into account the portals.

I just want to see the first part. :grinning:

Hey Moxy, if your looking for pathing planet to planet there are a couple problem statements. I think that is what Simoyd is referring to:
(1) planet location to planet location
(2) planet to planet (actual path)
(3) planet to planet (theoretical path)

Graph theory offers ways to solve any of these. The 3rd option already has existing data, but the actually usable practical solutions (1) and (2) require knowledge of portal network paths.

Option (1) is very difficult because the effective networks (including various shop and city portals) are changing and can’t likely be implemented without being able to read universe data upon request (ish)

Option (2) could be done if the algorithm only considered established reliable networks. Probably PS, TNT, DK Mall, Gyosha, Mall, Illn Mall, …, certain hunt networks…

SO: Do any of these options match what your looking for? @XxymoxX


How i read this, he’s wanting to know which path cost the least amount of oort/hour from the starting point to the end point.

I think this is doable

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@MrNiX Option 3 is what I want to see 1st. What @Gorillastomp is saying. I know there are tables I just want it automated.

Then I wanted to see Option 2 using Networks that exist (we would be assuming that they are open and have not changed locations). Maybe not using all the networks out there but perhaps the larger ones.

Edit: Perhaps have Input 1 be which Network are you using? The you would enter TNT and it would use the know locations and layout of the network. I believe this would be the easiest one because of how TNT is laid out. But any network would work as long as the data is entered.

Problem is that surface data would show an open portal. It will stay “open” until activation is attempted at which point the system will discover the portal is no longer fueled and result in portal being turned off (unsure if it only turns off player side or both sides).

So a pathway program would have no way to reliably determine which portals would be expired even tho showing open. So While if could be programmed, the results would be fairly unreliable.

This is why I would only go so far as the Portal Networks. If you tried to use ALL the portals out there, I agree with you 100%.

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3 is doable. Very.
There are no portals even in consideration. The graph is the connection table that we already have access to in the useful links post… etc

A simple basic alg is Dijkstra’s for an undirected graoh. You could probably optimize or perhaps find other algorithms, but that’s a basic one.

Further note, this can be done for oort cost or portal hops (travel time)

In fact I started this once a while ago but only had 30 minutes lol… Plus I’m not a web programmer so I don’t have an easy way to UI this for Boundless folk (outside of maybe @Mayumichi)

Be happy to help anybody if they need it.

OK, another further note: I love this subject lol, When analyzing portal nets, I get a kick out of this and that’s why I tell Everybody in the world that the perfect network is a PS/TNT co-style network. I believe PS is the most oort efficient network in the game (varies with different configs that have existed). While TNT is probably the most travel efficient (in hops) (if you have access to the main hub or the world hubs within a hop or two, and don’t have regular server issues). A combined structure is interesting because you can take advantage of pros from both: server side pathing, or shortest path, and cheap personal/shop portals, more expensive High Visibility Shop/Guild portals, the option to back scale oort costs down to a minimum in time of hardship, and easy ff coin generation without as much maintenance as ff optimization would be on 50 separate worlds.

That’s probably never going to happen unless one of the networks implemented the others structures which would be redundant. And it would take a good organization to maintain, but I think someday that sort of network will exist.

I think that because I know either PS or TNT could pay the oort for that. And both have a good professional crew. So either could do it, therefore, others could too. I suspect that player count and the lack of “need” are the only reasons something like that doesn’t exist. But there could be other reasons I just haven’t thought of. (and maybe other groups who could potentially do this right this minute if they so desired)

Yes this is what I want. I just don’t have a clue how to do it.

I can build you a house and put a cost estimate together with all the labor, materials, production rates, schedules, etc…but program no idea.

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Sure, I’ll be free in 1.5 weeks. If you can find somebody who wants to help I’d be happy to help them. If they need it. Maybe if we’re lucky @Simoyd 's already coding it :smiley:

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oh I see what you’re saying now @XxymoxX I can probably whip something like that up. maybe this weekend :wink:


Yeah that one is doable

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was an actual way to get location to location?

This document from (I think) @Mayumichi is very useful for such purpose.

But if you want to go level 5+ to a low level planet it will most likely be

Low Level Planet -> Circapous I -> whatever PS did…

For the level 6 planets I have to disagree. As a European, PS is my favorite level 6 network because they don’t force me through both Aus planets - every other network does. :slight_smile:

(The new mall portals and the bigger signs are awesome!)

Yeah, that’s good feedback. We are actually in the process of making a “loop” with shortcuts and multiple entrances to try and correct that on the upper tier and to shorten the max path. Straight shot is efficient and easy but hopefully this will be easy and short. The server issues people have are a bummer, I’m glad I don’t seem to run into them. That was an issue with the Megahub too. And obviously an issue should we ever get a LOT more people. Also Thanks a lot for the compliment!

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Thank you. I know this is fairly basic for some and probably not needed (except for me) but I still want it. Also I think it could be built on for later to go portal to portal using whatever route there is.

I mapped all the major t6 networks at Exo Shuttle if anyone ever wants to see which networks avoid which planets on their main line, happy to PM it as text too