Orb Farms for Event

I’ll use the downtime right now to create this thread, even though it isn’t finished yet. :wink: Setting up some Orb Farms for the event… temporary additions to the Pakaverse, might enjoy for other stuff too!

Edit: Feel free to add any others to this thread too! :slight_smile:

T1 with a portal at Sylva, Raxxa (via TNT). Nice big mud flat area. Only the rosetta nox gives the orbs on a T1 but if any newcomers want to gather, this is a good spot. Have strata slice and gleam spheres here too.

T3, portal at Paka’s Place, Gyosha Ophin (via TNT). RNG cheaped me out on the mud, but since only one blinksec worth a portal. This is a good planet if you want to solo hunt, fairly flat.

T5s - This is the work in progress. Only one open now, not a great one either, so rolled a couple more. These will end up being to Island Tree or Cube Field areas. I like T5 Island Trees for orbs and glow caps both, plus beans. Good chance to farm all. :slight_smile: Portals in Paka’s Diamond Mine, off TNT Serp. I chose the biomes so that they should be ok for gem mining too. The one that is up is Corrosive, just rolled a Chill and Toxic.

… Maybe I was the one who broke the game with my planet adds. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Sorry.


awesome! @bucfanpaka :heart:
additionally I’ve had this planet for a long time and gets used for the orb farming for a bit now

access from raxxa sanctuary

will post pics soon!


Ok, four new T5s linked at the Diamond Mine! :grin:

… RNG punishing me for negativity I guess, didn’t get good Island Tree areas, but other biomes that are good to farm are there, and the Cube Field portal has some nice Maze bordering it above, good for Stardrops and Weeping Waxcaps.

Enjoy! :smiley: I probably won’t touch these much myself, just wanted to put some worlds out there to celebrate. :wink:

Do have a couple T6s out there now, was overdue to try a few more, if good for orbs I’ll link them and post.


i also will setup my sov called HOST for the orbs, will open portals when time is right.
its a nice T1 for it!

as you can see also nice rosetta nox areas :slight_smile:


Got a nice addition to the Pakaverse! :slight_smile: One of the T6s I rolled landed on Alcyon, and might be better for amethyst mining than Proserpina, still deciding (so this one is Persephone!)… but in the meantime, great Island Tree area, so one portal to it up at the hub. :smiley: I think there are two other Island Tree ones there too.


Paka for president of the universe


I like the sound of that. :grin: Or President of the @georgegroeg Fan Club. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Or of Rental Rollers Anonymous… :flushed: Or something. :wink:

Last one! I did better on my T6 rolls here. :cat:, off Norkyna, very large Island Tree area, with a good Topaz spot nearby.


The time has come!
lets get serious


Do you have an atlas from the new Amethyst planet this would be awesome

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I’ll work on finishing that up today, I’ll post when added to the stands. :slight_smile: Definitely one of my better rolls, I’ll have to get a mine up too on it.

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Ok, put some atlases up for it on the hub stand! :smiley:


Listing planets with island tree locations, Muchrooms land, Muchrooms sea. The major determining factor in land searching is contrast between grass/mud & the Muchrooms . If u cant see them in the grass leave. Land biome selection is layer caves with foliage floor.

Island Trees:
Pakas is No1. ofc
Cat =>Nork
Asal Mor, Tiberius Thunderplum => KH

Toxiextreme => Card (last time was here good contrast)

OutWunder => Altins
(layer caves biome, foliage floor)
(holy moly |Tinted-Burst Fungus|78,182|25.22% Glow Cap Fungus|74,711|24.10% )

|[Earth 616]

Heliotrope =>Houchus (branch funnel reactive megaload)

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Thanks Paka! :grinning: Just visited your place yesterday, I’ll have to stop by and check out the new places

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This is ludicrous. 50% Muchrooms. This is just like Tomakatos.

Tzuie got it figured out. OutWunder
(Tinted-Burst Fungus|78,182|25.22% Glow Cap Fungus|74,711|24.10% )



Ok, time to vent frustrations on a bunch of innocent fungi, thanks devs! :grin: :smiling_imp: Should have orbs and lamella and such stocked through the event at my DK Mall store. :wink:

(I see one of my farms got hit already! :smiley: )


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I have lots and lots on D’Anduin, c’mon over.

Sov Planet from TNT MegaHub


yeah im not goin anywhere else. 3 caves thick.


phwoar, look at all these lovely orbs (etc)

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Thanks @bucfanpaka I used a few of your farms. I have about 100k orbs lol… I needed a few hours of farming apparently.