Order filled

Looking to buy some Chrysominters. If you are selling where and how much?

I have some for sale but I don’t expect to sell any because of my high price(650 iirc). But there’s 100 for sale at Corruption Outlet (store #86) in the gyosha mall.

I am selling them at 80c each. But you’ll have to come to me/my temporary shop on Kol Huroo.

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I’ve got some for sale in my main store (Fif Land on sochaltin I in chisel town). I’m listed at 100c right now

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I will be on most of the day and I will hand sell these for 100c.

One per customer This is for the folks that can’t craft it. 100c is the daily activity feat log in for 15 minutes you can afford one. Depending on where you found materials buying all materials for a single craft is still going to be less than 150c.

Assuming you at least cut your own trunk :confused:

If you can go to level 6 check with NerArth first lol.