Ore Names

Kinda wanna see what you guys think some cool names would be for ores/minerals/gemstones. :smile:

Cyanizite sounds like a superb ore name btw :grin:


Somehow I like the term ‘Lampa’.
Whatever it means…Lampastones.
Lampas in Amberville.

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Balyrium (blue shimmering) , gothril (black shining, may be for draining weapons) or Viterium (silvery with a golden glamour, may be for healing stuff) :slight_smile:



Balyrium in Balhalla

I believe the most important gem should be named TheListolium.

We should have all our ores be modifications of real world elements and compounds. Nothing common though, we should go for the obscure but cool sounding elements. Make everything sound very science-y. Some of the obscure heavy elements are already cool enough sounding that we could just take those and put them right into the game :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Yitrion (from yttrium)
  2. Vanadite (from vanadium)
    Also as a side idea, I thought it might be cool to have some different water types (because there are more liquids than water- especially on alien worlds) The different waters could have different effects like acidity, viscosity, heat (lava?).
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I had been thinking about Waqua, sort of a highly compressed type of water, but probably it sounds too comedic.

Hmmm what could we call it?
This would be a high viscosity water that would make movements in it slower right? It probably also wouldn’t flow as well? Phosphenalide (phosphorus and selenium just for kicks n giggles and cuz it sounds cool)

I need ben swords and armor

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I simply dont like the idea of acid in this kind of game, although its a common gameplay element … its green an black as a stereotype.

How about a blue shinning ore called maxium kind of like v10 in flash but better and in an ore form