OS X - Crashes after choosing region

Hello all, very excited to try out the game except…

I initially started and logged into the game. First time crashed after choosing the region. Next time it made it past that to a black screen with something metallic at the bottom with a green bar in it. That hung for about 10 seconds and crashed to desktop. Can’t seem to get past that on subsequent tries.

Found the log file in MacintoshHD/Users/(YourHomeFolder)/Library/Logs/Boundless/log.txt (link to help topic was not clear since there is a top level Library and a user level Library):

There is a crash on start on the Mac’s with Intel 640 (eg MacBook Pro 2017 ). Its crashing in Apples’ driver at the moment.

Any issue?!

@snow are you having a similar issue? If so, it may be worth explaining the problem you are having in a new support request post, instead of bumping an old thread