Our new hub on Xa Frant/Utopia

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So we made a new hub for ourself. Come check it out if you want. Got a few extra portals there.
Don’t forget to check out the view from the top of the tower! :slight_smile:

TNT Megahub then Xa Frant


Its gorgeous! I like the path outline. Looks really good!


Thank you so much! :slight_smile: This is our second tower, the first one was on Circapous in Maybe Falu. This one is a bit bigger :smiley:

It seems to me, that you took a lot of inspiration (machined iron) from the Eifeltower IRL :smiley:
Well done :+1:

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I like mosaic colour. Nice work.

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Wait til host sees this!


Loved the tower there, and Falu too, miss it. Going to check this out.

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Yeah :slight_smile: Our first city with Pannero.

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Damn, that’s a beautiful tower.

Are those white squares actual chests?

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It took me just 5 life to reach the top :slight_smile:

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Thanks and yes, ornate stone chests.

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Haha! :smiley: Next time use the portal :stuck_out_tongue:

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