Our Settlement (196k) is being forced to merge


No one can actually take your prestige or remove you from your settlement. Your settlement can be swallowed up to become part of a city and your prestige get counted towards the total of that city but your prestige is still yours and you still own your plots and build.


Um your not the first time complain about this I had this same thing happen to our Hidden Sand Village… we opted to pack up and move to a smaller planet… Since nothing is currently able to be done about it… there is no pvp but this about as pvp as this game gets right now and people are taking advantage of the situation… its extremely rude and about the lowest thing you could do right now in game…


You can smash a block under someone and drop them into lava.


A settlement with 100k+ prestige should have the option to not merge.


Hello Lexx, the very thing you are complaining about, you have just done to me. For some reason, you went ahead and surrounded me with your plots and even added plots in my area so that I can no longer complete my Settlement. My wife has enjoyed playing Boundless since it’s release on the PS4, but the constant battle between PC and console players has been tiring. Now that Lexxgard has taken over our area, there is no point in continuing to construct anything in this game. All of our time has been wasted by 1 player.


That’s griefing.

It should be reported in game, through support page.


I wish there was something I could do but since the settlement that originally over took us is pushing us west there is no other direction for our settlement to go. I did make sure you were not surrounded though, if you follow your bridge to the south you have a path to a nice area you have plotted towards.


Yup if he surrounded you that needs to be reported in game. Please do not name and shame on the forums(:


He is not surrounded by me, i only went on his south side and left him his road open even there.


Have no fear, the devs will investigate the report and if youve done nothing wrong you will be fine.


Sounds good.


He wrote you surrounded him. You write you didn’t. No way to tell the truth on forums. That’s why naming and shaming on forums is forbidden.

And yes, if you did not purposefully surrounded someone to grief them, you have nothing to fear. If your plots, the one you build on clashed with some other player plots, the one he builds on I’d say it’s just a normal gameplay, cities grow… this thing happens. But if you just reserved plots, to build on them in 4 year time ( :crazy_face: ) … I don’t know, I wouldn’t care, but some people on the forums would say you’re griefing. In the end it does not matter, because as @Smooth-Slick wrote:

And they will decide :slight_smile: not the angry blood-seeking forum mob with with pitchforks already sharpened just in case there is chance for the… sorry my imagination caries me away…

@Stretchious I’m escalating issue of naming and shaming to the moderation team :wink:


Ill be on later today and see if Mayhem and I can figure out a way to get by each other without upseting one another. I just need to help our settlement get furthe west to some other friends settlement.


Perhaps you guys can agree to a city name and shared plots so that nobody feels their work is stomped on. I’ve been there before, communication makes it work.


you can both join the aquatopian empire and become province’s we will mark a line on the empire map no worry’s :sunglasses:


Lexx, you have surrounded us. We can no longer complete our construction because you have taken our surrounding plots. You also placed a beacon and taken the plots in between our Mezzanine and main area. I have tried to make a bridge to your settlement to make it easier to travel but instead you just stopped us all together.

I don’t want to report anyone. I just wanted a space for my wife and friends to build.


Doesn’t Mayor or Viceroy also get the taxes of the city to? (they do not)edited.

@james , I never have been comfortable with this particular game mechanic since I started. My spouse and I we’re talking about making a cool little town together. But it seems like there is always someone sitting around with a mass of resources potentially looking for little awesome towns with portals, just to go running and plotting the hell out of them and taking over the prestige, owning the name, and title. I mean it doesn’t make them richer, it’s just legal griefing. It doesn’t make the town better, or the builders happier or prouder. It’s a kick in the nutz. It’s like they get to brag they built the place and designed it.

Since I’ve been playing pre-alpha until now, not a single player has ever liked this mechanic. It tells the casual player to NOT come to boundless and build your happy little place, because if you build your little town, it most likely be lost to a more active player, and you get to own a plot in his/her town. There are dozens of angry threads and even hot fixes like a road doesn’t make 2 towns into one. If you just added the option to join or not (which get complicated over who is mayor) and rid us of prestige wins the Leader, it would encourage to build for better footfall and not for town ownership. Which then would benefit for the entire town. Secret prestige rooms does not help the town.

There is already a system in place to combat a non-active player from ruining a town, their beacons disappear. Losing a town to prestige sucks. Mayor should never be lost. Or at least in this way.

I think it’s time to re-think what all prestige can do for us. It needs to be there. It’s a perfect gauge of how we are doing. But it needs to have a better reward than a race to who has more secret plots leading to the planets core with machined metals.


No. Taxes from sales is just a money sink. They go nowhere. I’m mayor of two cities, Viceroy of two planets, and still seen not a single coin from taxes.


I just want to reiterate, I have NOT surrounded you at all. I am only near you on part of your east and south side and even left you a gap there to continue south. Please stop saying you are surrounded because I would be happy to invite anyone to show them how I have absolutely no plots, nor does anyone else, to your north and west and north east and a road south.

I would also like to point out the you made this a problem by creating a massive plot wall of unused plots going forever south of your area and west of our settlement. You have not developed this 1xseveral dozen wall of nothing and made it undesirable to waste plots going around you. Im not bitter and will definitely work with you, I just want you to see our side of the frustration.

Again, I will be happy to give you any plots you want to plot, I just need to get connected to my friends settlement in some manner. Ill be off of work soon and work with you then.


Taxes are currently not up and running yet in game