Our Settlement (196k) is being forced to merge


We are a community of about 12 people who got together and know each other in real life. We got the game to be able to build something that we own together. We play on US East Trior (Village Hidden in the Leaves) was our settlement name. We have a neighbor nearby who took a massive amount of plots between us and connected to us to them and we lost our whole settlement, we are all very unhappy and need to know if this is even allowed. As the mayor of what was our Hamlet I was not even given the option to accept this merge or decline it. It just simply happened. We could use some help here and support.

I approached Alakazam the mayor of Illuminaughty and he was not very helpful, I have the screenshots of the conversation where he basically told me to pull my plots back so we were not connected, but I fail to see how this will help if he just takes those ones as well.



There should definitely be a way to opt out of merges imo! What exactly happens though? Do they then have permission to build on your plots? Do they get access to your storages now that they have forced access to your settlement?


This is a growing problem and there have been an increasing amount of posts related to this issue. I think the devs have indicated that they will address this. How and when, who knows. Also, some peeps don’t see it as an issue (I do and have had an small issue concerning this but fortunately my neighbours have been willing to be good neighbours).
I would try to approach you neighbour again, be friendly and try to reach an understanding if you pull back slightly that they won’t continue to plot in your direction.


no, they dont get permissions on his stuff, its still their own beacons and plots. The merge of the settlements just means that they are now counted as one setlement, and the player with the most prestige on his beacons gets to be the mayor, being able to name the setlement as he wishes.


We lose our Settlement name, and mayor privs.


you could maybe, if your groups beacons make up enough prestige alltogether, let some of your friends unplot their beacons and use one of your players plots to bring them all under one name. the combined prestige would give that player the mayor back :smiley: and the naming right :smiley:


What is stopping them from doing the same?


nothing, you could try it though ^^
and maybe, if you are more players together than them, you will have more plots available probably, so that would be an advantage


For now we build a plot wall around them so they cannot expand anymore, hopefully at some point we will pass them up in prestige. Basically we limited their space.


good luck, hopefully that will force them to negotiate (as they seemd not very friendly) :smiley:


Have you completely plotted around them?


Its impossible, because they are talking about “Illuminaughty”.
They are a big guild, so yeah nothing u can do there.:joy:
Its not Illuminaughty’s fault either, the system design like this.

The thing need to change is the system, especially for town /village.
Usually we spend a lot of time to build our work, and its really unfair for a person / group own a lot of plots + prestige can take over our credit to part of their work.


It is important to know you didn’t loose your settlement. When you click on your beacon it will still show the name of your settlement on your beacon.

The only difference that comes when merging is which name flashes on the screen when you walk into the area.


According to James, if you leave a border of about 2 plots with 0 prestige (remember natural occurring trees have some chiselling so its not 0 prestige) the system will think that its a road and will not merge.


Yes we have.


We do lose our Settlement, I think you are talking about a plot area by one person.


This probably wont help if you have already merged but if you put two plots extending out from each side of your settlement like a road this should stop people being able to merge you. settlement have to have 3 or 4 connected plots side by side to merge so If the only one they can connect to is a road itll prevent it as the area between the road should be reserved


You need to be careful because technically I think they could then report you as griefing. I’ve never been a big fan of the current prestige and settlement merging system and in the past I’ve had a similar problem. Luckily for me my neighbours were reasonable and we ended up with a mutual buffer zone between us.


I think if they build a wall around someone in order to prevent them from entering then yes it can be griefing. Just plotting probably not. I think as long as they allow access to the other players plots they are ok.

edit: I am not a fan of the current merging mechanic either


Ah ok …I just thought that maybe it could be construed as griefing because the intent is to deliberately restrict another players build even though there is still space in all the opposite directions. If it’s not in a built up area then it would be hard to justify …but that’s just my view on it.