Our Settlement (196k) is being forced to merge


I would agree intent might make it a grey area.


Do you know if there is some kind of code of conduct or guide as to what is allowed and what is considered unacceptable within Boundless?


Pretty sure I read one is imminent.


I guess it would be quite a minefield to write as some issues are also about a perception of what is socially acceptable and what’s technically allowed. I don’t envy the person/s who have to write that :slightly_smiling_face:


it will be better when the Devs allow us to rent planets
then you can control who can build there.


A wall is a pretty good idea. Cities really had walls back in the day, at least where I live in EU. Granted, it was to keep the pleb out and the raiders, but there was also competition between settlements for trade(routes) and yes, prestige/titles.


Don’t confuse Illuminaughty and Illuminoorti, please.
Someone called Alakazam is not a member of Illuminoorti to my knowledge.


A wall will not prevent you from being absorbed. A border of 2 plots around your build, all with 0 prestige might.


Please give the location on the planet (do this via places section) you are talking about so people can go help investigate and give you a bit better information about a possible resolution.

It is not against game policy unless people take it very far in how they act.

It was only a matter of time before some people would attempt to impersonate other people, especially at a guild level.

As mentioned already in this thread do not confuse this guild with the illuminoorti that @Havok40k, myself, and others founded. We do not have a member using the name you mention and don’t usually condone actions like that.

We also wouldn’t intentionally take over a settlement and instead if we were to go into a location would work with the nearest Mayor about some type of agreement.

If you give the location and planet again I don’t have a problem checking it out.

This group might have done it intentionally because it seems pretty obvious that they took an already established guild name and adjusted it. Either way, the illuminoorti are behind this thread in an attempt to solve problems like this.


it happend to me in the betaservers sombody took my name and was insulting players
if you got proof people using your name in a bad way the dev’s def gonna help with it
it can be super frustrating though cause assumptions are made quicker then people bother to check if it is true im gonna do a shout out to inform my entire discord about this to help out seems also not a name you that just happend to sound similar


Yeah I meant settlement>1 unplotted plot>1 plotted (wall).


I’m new to the game, so I don’t pretend to know its mechanics, but I’m a former Game Developer. So my question is - do you get absorbed only if 4 plots or so are DIRECTLY adjacent? Because I keep seeing text that suggests that plots below (and maybe above) claimed plots are reserved. Or is that only directly below and above for 1 plot height?

The reason I ask, is that maybe it’s possible to go really deep or high, buy a plot in that column, then retract the plot that directly touches that neighbor. Ideally, he couldn’t grab it because it would be marked reserved, and without a direct connection, you’d maybe get your settlement back. Of course, if he figures out what you’ve done then he could still find a way to directly connect. Hope that helps.


If something isn’t directly plotted it’s subject to getting wiped and world regenerated. So if they have an active building or structure on that spot, doing something like that is no good. Right now the settlement algorithm is a bit weird and misunderstood. I’ve only spoken to one person that seems to understand the whole thing.


It seems now that they have force merged us they have removed my prestige and me from the settlement.


I think the plot connection is seen from a drop down view, so even though you can have the actual plots more than the physical distance apart when viewed vertically, if you look from directly above like a plan view then they would appear to be connected. I had a build in pre-wipe that was on top of a tall vertical hill, I was easily 4-5 plots vertically away from any surrounding builds but it still grouped three of as a settlement .


The fact the game makes it possible to be an asshole doesn’t mean you need to be an asshole.


There isn’t much documentation on this game, and the wiki I found is old. @lexxguard Wait, people can remove your prestige? And block you from the settlement? What powers does a mayor have then? More than just naming the settlement it seems.

Seems like they need a electoral system to allow players to vote on the mayor. Or maybe a challenge system where someone can contest your mayorship every say two weeks and then there would be a vote.


damn illuminatis
Their New World Order agenda is going smooth as silk
Even in Boundless

The sad truth is all settlements will merge into one.
It’s just a matter of time.


Thats my mistake, they are not the same guild as Illuminaughty.


Well, if they are small guild then its very easy to take back ur settlement, You need to craft tones of bricks, build a giant solid bricks tower or replace it to ur road / ground.
Also chisel every blocks
You will take bk the settlement in 1 day