Our store on Lasaina is coming along nicely :) come by and check out 'The Moist-Marque' in 'Moisty Mire'

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That ceiling looks crazy, is that lustrous wood? (in the second pic)


How do we get there?


Pretty sure they have a portal on Boori Portal Seekers shopping hub, top ring if my memory serves me correctly.

Swing by Thrilloilogy / Sydney too if you’re heading to Lasaina (Boori Portal Seekers Hub too).


That’s why I wouldn’t know lol. I don’t use ps


Yes sure is. Our detailer used her chisel to make it look meshy


Through Boori portals. ‘The Moist-Marque’


We buy from thrilloilogy all the time :slight_smile:


Nice, noticed a few MOIST clan tags floating around the place from time to time :slight_smile:


Yeah I run the guild and most of the people in it are irl friends. They shop at thrilliology all the time