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remember there will be higher tier worlds meaning higher durability of blocks, so there is a room for more damage from bombs without destroying ores


japp, of cause (and japp, cant wait for the new worlds ^^) but is there a nice way to do it with mastery 5 and 90(+) str on Tier 3 worlds?

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You can’t, the only way to be ores safe is the way i said, 6/8 power, 4/5 bomb mastery, 8/8 agility, 5/5 attributes bonus with diamond bombs. You will need 6 bombs.

Or you will need mega strength brew to use full power which destroy blocks in 4 bombs

( edited with the right numbers)


4/5 mastery is all you need for gem bombs… rank 5 is for the yet-to-be-added dark matter, blink, etc bombs… (having extra mastery in no way helps) I’ve found that max power and agi will break rock most of the time with 5 bombs… if a 6th is needed you can ether risk it, let the damage reset, or use a gold bomb as @virresss suggested

Is there a reason why you don’t have/want max power?

Also @Gorillastomp 's approach sounds cool too

Oh yeah right about the mastery sorry about that its 4/5 mastery i’ll edit posts

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So here’s the video that was planned for today: A quick update to the Portal Seekers Gateway showing off some of the awesome work that they’ve been up to ^^

but also be sure to check out the big news here if you somehow haven’t seen it yet:

or watch the video:


Yeah i mean this is great news, not too excited about the reset but soooo looking forward to the release! :smiley: I think they will definitely be able to use this funding and greater awareness to make Boundless even better.

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I’ll certainly miss my lake house… It’s been my home for the last year and 1/2, but after doing my let’s play I’m confident that it won’t take long for all of us to get back on our feet ^^

There are some really amazing builds and landscapes out there… it would be sad if we never get to see them again :thinking:


i think everyone missed the PS gateway video beacus the anuncment video was more epic! :slight_smile:

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LOL it’s hard to compete with such epic news ^^

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@Jiivita is so cool. Before I ever new he did these video’s, when I first started playing, I bumped into him and saw a neat Shiny Red Grapple on his hand. I was like what the heck is that… He popped out of this portal and popped back and gave me my own shiny red grapple thing. I threw my old not shiny grapple in the lake, and walked off staring into the light with a smile on my face.

I went back and jumped in the lake to retrieve my old not shiny grapple, because I was too scared to use the ruby one and wear it out lol. I used it only when people came by as bragging rights that I owned one haha.


:rofl: That’s Awesome! Grapples are one of my favorite things to give away… they don’t really cheat the receiver out of progressing through the crafting/gathering/shopping progression… and well, there’s nothing else like strapping that hand-rocket on for the first time :smiling_imp:… really one of the best features of Boundless ^^ that level of mobility is wondrous!


And the feeling you get when you duel wield grapples. OMG ! Better than Spider Man. The 1st couple tiers of grapples was awesome to a new player. But when I got the gem one, HOLY COW it was awesome. I am so accustomed to grapples now, that in other video games I find myself clicking my grapple, which immediately leaves me very sad.


Your unofficial trailer is awesome and inspiring. I want to show it to my friends to convince them that they need to play Boundless.


Thank you! it is by far my favorite video I’ve made so far ^^ I’ve shamelessly watched it countless times despite seeing it at least a thousand times during the editing process… I’m only sad that i can’t go back and do some smoother camera work for some of the shots to make it even better XD… but i guess that just means the next one will be even better ^^

Edit: ok, I did the math… 1k * 4mins = 66hrs… so a bit of an exaggeration since i did make this in a day-ish rofl


A quick explanation of and directions to Hashmalash’s competition!

Forum post

Prizes include Tech Components, Tech Devices, and:

3 Lava Buckets! :scream: (single use item)

and for the regularly scheduled video =P

A quick update to the portal trick (new coordinates for and how to find the hubs) for the newer players out there :hearts:

Have a great weekend everyone and stay :boundless: ^^


Just wanted to chirp about the skills that seem to be “stitched” together. I looked at that section for a bit, and to me it seems that it’s a trade-off, not prerequisite skills. I could be completely wrong, but there are small arrows in the middle of the border where the skills meet. In each of them, it points to the active skill and each set only had ONE active skill. I may be looking into this too hard and half asleep at 2:30a.m., but it makes sense to me based on what the devs have said about accessing all skills from one character. Food for thought :blush:

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Nice observation! Especially since there seems to be two different versions of connections ( a stitched and non stitched)… but yeah, we could be looking at this way too hard. This could be a working prototype nearing completion or concept art full of convenient placeholders for all we know o.o

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Showing off Volantis Insulae (Latin for “Floating Islands”) the HQ for the new RP guild: The Illuninoorti

IlluninoortI Forum Post:


It’s possible that im a little biased but I think this is your best video yet!