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First Time here?

Be sure to note the date of the posts as this will be an ongoing thread and eventually i will loose the ability to edit this first post but not the Title (i think lol)

Anyway, the current topics are naturally at the end ^^


How’s it going everyone? As suggested a number of times over the past months, i’ll be posting my new videos here (at least as a trial)

Saturdays are a bit crazy for me so i’ll clean this post up later =P

In addition to posting here i’m also setting up a Facebook page for my channel so feel free to hunt me up there!

This is mainly to help out the Devs since Facebook de-promotes YouTube videos on their platform but it will also be interesting to see what affect this has on my channel so feel free to check it out =)

and of course there is my YouTube Channel

Largely a massive experiment, I’ve just recently hit the one year mark (I really need to make a vid for that O.o) for uploading videos and have really enjoyed the experience. I started out with making content on No Man’s Sky, and flirted a bit with 7 Days to Die before finding Boundless. This event nearly signal handily ended my endeavors in video making as i simply could not stop playing Boundless lol. Finally it became obvious that if i couldn’t stop playing Boundless then i should make videos for it and haven’t looked back since ^^

I’ve had some fairly life altering events in the past 2 years (with the biggest in the last 6 months) which has quite limited my time available for both making content and playing Boundless (homework for making videos :rofl:) but i seem to have found a tentative magical balance for the time being lol

from the start my goal has always been to have fun doing this. It combines my 2 favorite things: games and all things computers… if one day this becomes a self sustaining hobby, awesome! however in the mean time this has become a from of therapy for me by keeping me focused on something positive, productive, as well as feeling apart of this amazing community =) So i thank you all for the support, encouragement, and growth on YouTube. Here’s to another year of Boundless!

wow got a bit rambly there O.o
Until next time, peace!


Don’t mess with my mind it’s only Friday!


WHAT?! :scream:

huddles in the corner rocking


I hope you didn’t forget to go to work or something :laughing:


@jivita are you sure you’re not from AU :rofl:

edit: I’m glad you did this finally :slight_smile: Now we can all sh**post here hahaha


lol my Work IS at home… nearly 24/7 No escape O.o… there’s just more of it on Fridays/Saturdays

Bring it On! :smiling_imp:


I feel you bro :slight_smile: Same here :clock1:

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Working from home every day is better than the alternative, working from an office building 7 days a week… at least you can play boundless from work!


OP updated with additional info and rambly stuff =P

quoting breaks the links so see the OP if you wish to use them :wink:


I like your style. Your calming voice has a… calming effect. :grin:
And you go straight to the point. Very high content to time ratio. :sunglasses:

I might give your videos to my nephew who is watching a lot of minecraft youtubers and he starts to talk like them. So, loud overexcited and with little content. :joy:


Haha thanks for visiting my shop Lapier’s shop :slight_smile:


ASMR Boundless :rofl:


Lol thank you… I’ve never cared for the over-the-top style… though I could stand to animate my voise a bit more (in editing i come off a bit flat/depressed sounding ><) o.o kinda hard since im so layed back irl… practice I guess hehe

P.S. good luck with your nephew… kids seem to thrive on that style unfortunately ><

Lol drives me nuts waiting through 5-10 mins of rambling… trying to find the info/reason I clicked on a vid o.O

Np can’t wait to see it finished and up and running at full capacity ^^

lol good one


Lol ok, first ever Video Channel Update!.. mainly to say thank you all for the amazing first year of YouTube, BUT since i have a hard time believing that anyone would be interested in such a thing i figured this would be a perfect video to hijack for other purposes :smiling_imp:

Down to the point: I have way more ideas for videos than i have time to make and since not all ideas are created equally O.o i’d love to hear your Input! ^^

  • :orange_book: Update Quick Start Guides (partially underway)
  • :star: New / Redo Promo Video for Boundless (my “Upcoming Voxel Heaven” Vid
  • :joystick: Some Sort of “Let’s Play” with a new character
  • :hammer_and_wrench: Updated Tool / Weapons Video(s) :bow_and_arrow:
  • :flashlight: Community Spotlights (like the Moebius Plaza Vid)
  • :crystal_ball: Mining Methods / how to find X
  • :blue_book: Tips & Tricks
  • :octopus: Creature Behavior / Combat Tactics :rhinoceros:
  • :question: Other (post a comment with an idea =))

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Thanks in advance, and Peace!

P.S. naturally Update Overviews and Feature Intros take priority over these =P


My favorite videos are of a player just having fun and exploring. I love showcase videos, but would like them more if there was more exploring to them. :grin:


Opps… i meant to limit the max votes to 2… meh oh well lol

lol i almost added an “exploration” option to the poll =P… i guess my concern with that style is that the lengths on such videos can get quite long very quickly… i guestinmated that i spent around 6-8hrs exploring the Moebius Plaza and all its connected locations to make that video O.o (mostly because i get a bit OCD and try my best to get all the facts/info right)

granted as i was exploring the plaza i was a bit sad that i wasn’t recording my first impression =/

anyway i favor shorter videos (at least as short as i can make them o.o) since i myself don’t have a lot of time to watch long videos, so i try pack mine full of just the interesting / important bits and cut out the filler.

BUT… if you all don’t mind longer videos… there are quite a few advantages to a more raw / organic style (less editing & faster uploads) So i’m not opposed to trying this out =D lol kinda like “Lets Play: Explore this town”


I concur, I enjoy plain old exploration. It’s largely what I do when I play, that and mining. Whichever you do Jiivita, I’m sure they’ll be fabulous!


one thats just you @jivita going in a straight line on a planet off choise checking
out what ya find on the way
freestyling it :smile:

heres a tip for the icyspots