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lol still getting use to posting and uploading so many different places O,o

and the new… significantly more ramblely overview of all the other cool bits of 184 ^^

also be sure to check out the poll above if you haven’t already voted ^^ last i checked Tips / tricks, community spotlight, and Updated promo vid are leading once the votes from YouTube were factored in iirc =) so next week i’ll be working on a tip vid and if i feel spunky and, time remitting, i’ll throw in an exploration-ish community spotlight XD


Been a busy day! Thank you Boundless Dev team for this amazing update!

First time i’ve been able to attend a Hunt ^^ and first time to upload 4 videos in one day! O.o

anyway here is the hunt from my eyes with very light editing… hope you enjoy!

Fire Caverns Community Hunt - Dec 16th @ 5 pm UTC

Thanks for posting this! BTW I do want everyone to look at about 2 min in and the amount of mobs that were just eating grass and hanging out when we came through the portal. No meteor required. :slight_smile:


13:20 in second video is the first impact and resulting deaths. 14:20 in last video is the double metoer hit.


great videos - the double blast looks amazing


nice vid :smile:ran out off bows for second run (died alot lava issues and bad grapple skills) try to be there for next one


I felt like The Hunt this time round, first with meteors, highlighted that we also need bombs, or some weapon variation, now more than before :slight_smile:


Bombs would be awesome for this… also since i already use diamond bows like a melee weapon… lances would be great… assuming they are high damage ^^


You realize I had 4 shop stands full of copper and iron slings for backups to avoid that, right? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:



i only use gem bows did not think off using metal lol
ill try it next time :smile:


@Jiivita your leaping to shoot cuttles in the face looked very effective! You are an exceptional jumper.


hehe too much Half-Life and Metroidvania o.o


I like getting close to cuttles to effectively use my spread slings. Do the same with spitters. I get within touch and bam! all darts in target.
It’s different when I use ruby sling. Distance should be maintained then.


Happy Holidays everyone! It’s been a crazy week with the old beacons expiring on top of the holiday madness O.o

anyway this was going to apart of the leveling tips/tricks vid BUT i felt this was eating up too much time… so here it is by itself ^^

handy trick for some quick skill points on a new alt… at least until the devs feel this is not cool =P

have a great one!


Hope you all had wonderful Holidays! here’s a long overdue video showing off / explaining the Portal Frame Competition + some Tidbits on upcomming videos and @virresss 's New Daily Hunt ^^

sadly a cold derailed my schedule a bit but my voice/cough is about normal/gone so next week i’ll have some of the mentioned video topics out ^^


Official Contest Post


@james is the contest already closed to new ppl? I already stated I wanted to join. Just got off a 60 hour work week after new years and finally saw on the thread for the contest its closed. I see spots left open. Am I miss reading something?


you should still be good to claim a spot


yea i just got hooked up. Ignore my question. Thnx !!


good luck to all


Ok Finally next video is ready… This was supposed to be a quick tips and tricks video on leveling, but it got a little bit out of hand and yeah, full-blown over bloated leveling 101 lol

This was made with new players in mind so the more experienced players here probably already know most of this already =P

At a later date I’ll probably do another pass and distill out the essence into a more proper tips and tricks video (shorter). But, who knows lol.

Also I finally closed the poll in one of the above posts… Interestingly enough “the how to find X resource” ended up at the top so I will work in some of that into the schedule somewhere and further evaluate the results o.o