Portal Frame Building Competition - OFFICIAL

Created a new thread to official announce the competition.

Portal Frames!

There are many amazing builds in Boundless, but some of my absolute favourites are the creative portal frames. Something that decorates the portal with a thematic presentation beyond just the portal itself. I love these because they embrace something unique to Boundless and celebrate it. A few of the most recent are below:

We’re now running a portal frame building competition. Something similar to the amazing chisel contest run by @Cookviper but focused on decorating Portals.

Portal Frame Building Competition - Ready to go!

How to get there:

  1. Via portal at [-1927N, 1390E] in “The Moebius Plaza, Therka”. (Thanks @the-moebius.)
  2. Via portal at [-1667N, -277E] in “Pixel Gate, Solum”. (Thanks @Stretchious.)
    … to …
  3. Competition walkway [-572N, 2284E], Solum.

How it works:

  1. There are currently 24 small plots and 18 large plots to claim. We can add more plots if there is interest. Please let us know once you have claimed a plot.

    • Small plots are 8m x 8m (any height).
    • Large plots are 16m x 16m (any height).


  2. You can build whatever you want in the plot, but there must be a straight walking path from your portal to the 2 compact copper blocks on the Walk Way. There can be steps or slopes between your portal and the connecting points.

    We want players to be able to walk directly out of your portal into the next portal opposite. So there is a single direct path through all the portals.

  3. For entering the competition you get the following gear:

    • 1x Silver Chisel
    • 1x Gold Chisel
    • 1x Titanium Chisel
    • 8x Portal Conduit blocks.

    Contact @james, or @Stretchious, or @AmandaPan to get access to your entry tools.

  4. By default all the portals must be 2m wide x 4m tall. The plots and portals are in pairs, and this is noted in your plot’s info sign. For example: PLOT-2-SOUTH is linked with PLOT-3-NORTH. If you agree with the player entering in your plot/portal link to build a different shaped portal then you can do so. Maybe enter in pairs and agree up front?

    We want to link all the portals up in following way. (Thanks @AmandaPan!)

  5. The competition will run from today, 2017-12-25 on Sir Isaac Newton’s birthday, to the end of January (exact time TBD).

  6. @Stretchious, @willcrutchley and @AmandaPan are assisting running the competition.

  7. The community will vote on the winners and amazing prizes will be awarded! OooooooOOooo)))000000ooozero000oooOOo)).

Think you can do better than these (work in progress) creations by @Aqu, @Swede, and @SolFall.

Players and Plots:

Come make your mark and join the walk way:


  • PLOT-1-NORTH - small: 142857
  • PLOT-1-SOUTH - small: Jeffrotheswell
  • PLOT-2-NORTH - small: Sharkysaurs
  • PLOT-2-SOUTH - small: Swede
  • PLOT-3-NORTH - small: abadin
  • PLOT-3-SOUTH - small: Dolvar (changed from Lonoty)
  • PLOT-4-NORTH - large: Eldwen
  • PLOT-4-SOUTH - large: Stretchious
  • PLOT-5-NORTH - large: available
  • PLOT-5-SOUTH - large: Virresss
  • PLOT-6-NORTH - large: pimiko
  • PLOT-6-SOUTH - large: sepras
  • PLOT-7-NORTH - small: bokke
  • PLOT-7-SOUTH - small: Androzol
  • PLOT-8-NORTH - small: vincentcha0s
  • PLOT-8-SOUTH - small: vincentcha0s
  • PLOT-9-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-9-SOUTH - small: Rumplypigskin
  • PLOT-10-NORTH - large: DoomsdayBuilder (DoomsdayKnight)
  • PLOT-10-SOUTH - large: SolaTrap (SolFall)
  • PLOT-11-NORTH - large: Hranica
  • PLOT-11-SOUTH - large: aqu
  • PLOT-12-NORTH - large: Jivita
  • PLOT-12-SOUTH - large: warghoul
  • PLOT-13-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-13-SOUTH - small: Lucias-ral
  • PLOT-14-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-14-SOUTH - small: available
  • PLOT-15-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-15-SOUTH - small: available
  • PLOT-16-NORTH - large: Ingvar
  • PLOT-16-SOUTH - large: amandapan
  • PLOT-17-NORTH - large: combyte
  • PLOT-17-SOUTH - large: Dunedragon
  • PLOT-18-NORTH - large: nyuudles
  • PLOT-18-SOUTH - large: available
  • PLOT-19-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-19-SOUTH - small: available
  • PLOT-20-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-20-SOUTH - small: available
  • PLOT-21-NORTH - small: available
  • PLOT-21-SOUTH - small: Jenndragonfly
  • PLOT-22-NORTH - large: gnomeria
  • PLOT-22-SOUTH - large: boundmore
  • PLOT-23-NORTH - large: angellus
  • PLOT-23-SOUTH - large: zina
  • PLOT-24-NORTH - large: zina
  • PLOT-24-SOUTH - large: dhusk

I need to get a move on!


Looks like a campfire expired at Plot 13-North. Anyone know markcash98?

They had a plot just over on the ice hill behind it as well I think. Not sure who they are though.

hey @Zina this is the post

Thnx a ton the-mebius. Appreciate it!!

I am going to utilize lot 24 North. Close to the end portal. Good luck to all.

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@james , I have an idea. Once there is a build happening on a plot, can the plot sign be relocated to the deck in front of the copper plates leading into the portals plot? It would help our builds be unobstructed a great deal and still be quite visible.

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I plan to fully remove the walk way once the competition is complete. So that only the portals and frames are highlighted…

I will sign in and show you how I’m thinking.


It’s looking like I’m not gonna finish, have exams this week. Sorry about that!

That’s too bad man. I hope your exams go well. that is your real future anyway.

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You’ve got all month!


Oh! I thought the deadline was this week!

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@james I’m moving to accommodate Combyte and AmandaPans so they can build together. Just FYI. I’m in Plot 24 south.


New participants on plot 22 planning their build and want to be left alone. They even hired a guard…


@the-moebius The Therka Market portal connection is out of Oort. I can donate a smart stack for it if you need help keeping it running bud.


isnt it @james keeping the portal runing?

yes james fuels it ask one off competityion leaders to refuel it on the comp side

hey i cant fuel it on my side please fix this