🚀 Portal Design Competition - Youtube Video added of all entries (last post)

:arrow_right: Where Gyosha Mall > Gyosha Ophin (T3 planet, no atmospheric protections needed)
:arrow_right: Who Individuals, Guilds, anyone is welcome to enter
:arrow_right: When May 18th to 2020-05-26T21:30:00Z
:arrow_right: What Portal Design Contest
:arrow_right: Why funsies, coin, Gleambow totems

:mag_right: Details:
Entrants will receive a set of regular chisels & 6 conduit blocks.
:star:You do not have to activate/open the portal.
You do not have to use all 6 conduits that we provide to you - you can use less, you can use more.
Spaces are 1x1, 1x2, or 2x2 plots. Any height/depth.
You can BYOBeacon & plots or I can give you permissions on a beacon/space.
If you do open a portal, there are no rules for the destination (shop/guild/base/hub/gleambow loc…)

:1st_place_medal: 1st place = 200k + a forged :rainbow: Gleambow totem
:2nd_place_medal: 2nd place 120k + a forged :rainbow: Gleambow totem
:3rd_place_medal: 3rd place 75k + a forged :rainbow: Gleambow totem
Judges: @Leahlemoncakes @Stretchious @vdragon @StephFawcett

Inspiration was this cool EA contest :grin: =

Thank you everyone, all spaces have been taken.

#14 & #15 didn’t create entries.
#19, #20, #21, #22, & #23 were added (not shown).



Need to finish my farm, but Ill be there as soon as I finish. I have a nice idea for a portal gate >:)


Totally in. Don’t have any ideeas yet (or ot many) but I defenetly want a spot :slight_smile:


I will save you a space :+1: The next time you’re in-game, lemme know

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Can’t wait to see what other players build!


ill get a space!


When would you like to meet up?

Who won the previous compitition?
not quite sure if they did since it took sooo looong.

Haha glad you have a clear end-date

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I’m not sure lol. I think there was more than one post about it.

It never got that far… crunch time for release set in before it could be concluded >.>

From my understanding at least

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I i guess 1 plot per competitioner?

Edit. I would like a plot.

Send a msg to your box


Good thing it’s not active lol

Looks awesome @Cuetzpalomitl!


@majorvex First I love this idea, second it would be cool if you created an area for this to be another portal hub at the mall, if that is of interest for those who want to build permanent creative portals at the mall!

Also I will take a plot too! IDK how many your allowing per portal.


I’ll give it a shot.

@majorvex I’m assuming these are plot dimensions. Is there a height restriction?

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Yes, one entry per player please. :+1:

Spaces can be one or two plots wide.

I am setting it up in a way that it can be a permanent portal area, if contestants wish to keep their portals there.

When it’s over, if someone needs their plots back, I’d be happy to plot it, then they can maintain the portal from their side - if they’d prefer that.

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Yes :+1: Spaces are one plot wide or two plots wide. No height requirements/restrictions.

Count me in :grin:


@majorvex 2 plots pls