Portal Frame Building Competition - OFFICIAL


I’ll take a look now…


It’s now open again!


List updated!

Currently 26 entries (although @VincentCha0s has 2 claimed entries), leaving 22 more portals entries for more people to join! You still have time to create your masterpiece! :smiley:


i wont have time to make one and im scared it will be blend lolz
but i still try to do it can i start when i have time or do i need to plot switch with you guys first or is it plottable instantly?


It’s plottable instantly - just come along with your beacon control, find and empty space and plonk it down (and fuel it of course!).

I think you have until the end of January to build one. Good luck :wink:


hi I take one of them for my friend and put his name on that


Hi, I’m working on Plot 2 North across from @Swede


@Heureka that guard is tough man. He won’t let anyone near that plot. I tried to snoop and got tossed out into the water and had to doggy paddle to dry land.


Hi, i want to take a part in competition.
I found PLOT-7-SOUTH unclaimed and bulid a beacon on it.
Now what i must to do?


Place the lighthouse and build)


Lighthous means beacon :slight_smile:


You misspelled bacon.



lol, I have found a mean trick with those guards. I grapple them into the water and listen to their cries.


now you must build a portal. top of the page has some guidelines. look at the examples already out there, and have fun.


@james so on these rules of a 2x4 portal. some are and some are not 2x4. is that still the official size?

and 2, can we just leave them unopened and give you the permission so you guys can link the ones you want? I ask because the picture of the zig zagging shows me link back in the middle of the line somwhere. I am on the very end.


General rule is that all portals need to be 2x4… unless otherwise agreed with the player building at the portal you nee to connect to (you must both use the same size portal)

A few players have already added me to their beacons, so that when the time comes, I can grab a token and open the portal to the relevant place. If you’re able to do the same, it’ll save us some time later. (I imagine we’ll need to do some creative linking anyway depending on how many entries are unused!)


I am available now if you are.


I’ll jump on quick then :wink:


I am at the very end.


Sad but my base on Therka disapeard, now i’ll try to build something near contest ground.
And i think this competition not for all exactly, cause my character cant craft much stuff and decor cubes, so my portal frame will be less fantastic as other one.
Oooooor i still dont get it how we all must to build it.