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A community showcase showing off Cookvipers latest project!

Original thread:

been busy busy as usual. lots of projects in the works… Some of which are superquick low-budget tutorials and reference videos. I’ve already posted one such video detailing beacons and why they cannot overlap at he request of Xycron and i have plans to cover Tools / Weapons in much the same fashion.

As many here on the forums already know this info, I will wait until I have two or three such videos before posting here to avoid undue spamming =)

also feel free drop any questions / suggestions for such videos here :wink:


Love all of your videos that I’ve watched so far. Steam City is such a clever build. I love it there and love how you’ve taken a close look at the intricacies of the deisgn.


I couldn’t be happier with how the city is turning out. Thanks to @KKBell for all of his massive help in expanding the city and a special thanks to @Swede for building such an amazing inspirational centerpiece to the city that constantly served as encouragement to keep going. We have a ton of 2x2 and 2x3 plots available to have more steampunk visionaries join us and add to this awesome city. Also there is currently 3 secret areas still to be found. :smirk:


wut? Secrets? Now I need to go explore again!


This is so cool!!


Found one. And now I’m a happy owner of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Clear Sky.

Can only say that my habits from playing Zelda on Super Nintendo paid off.

But I’m actually more exited about my new home in Steam City.


Adding a picture of the hidden secret spot I found.


Hey ! i would like to conect the portal seekers gateways to City of steam :slight_smile: Pleas PM me if you are intrested


Absolutely, next time I’m on I’ll get you a token.


Congrats @Shadora you’re the first. There’s currently 3 more secrets in the city. :grin:


Brilliant! I know it was Zelda…

And this hammer is left in place for the next person.


Found one more. Not going to show what the reward is. Left this one as well.
This has been a fun night. thanks for setting this up.


Nice!! For those who don’t know, this diamond hammer is only 1 coin. Happy treasure hunting and thanks to @Shadora for leaving it for others :blush:


That “Play the legend of zelda in your head” sure brings up some nostalgic thoughts to mind. :smile:

I wonder if that could be a feature… Custom soundtrack for each beacon… Cafes/bar could have that chitcattering sound, secret area could have this zelda clip, arenas would have epic battle song with sound of cheering crowds. Would be a little weird though if you’re alone in the area and you hear those voices!

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Holy!!! That is one of the best ideas I’ve ever heard :heart_eyes:


I helped build the city and i could’t find any of the spots :sweat_smile:. It’s a little embarrassing.Good job though @Shadora!


Amazing! Congratz!

Ok now you’re just showing off! :stuck_out_tongue:

well i feel a bit better now… Honestly I had an epic internal battle between making the best video i could in a timely manner and conducting a mad search until no stone was left unturned :rofl:

but honestly im happy i didn’t find anything since i would have felt bad about finding one before anyone else had a chance to look… but it’s strange… i hate looking for things irl but have a bit of an obsession for secrets in game lol


I feel so special, this is the first time I’ve found anything in one of these hunts!


Nice work. You can thank @ComplexRogue7 for that one :grin:


After weeks of searching true the city I have finally found all four hidden secrets. Really sneaky the last one. I truly recommend others to try. It was fun. And most of the treasures are left in place.