Outfits Exp & Targeting! Release 198 Overview | Jiivita's Corner

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Nice work, some of them are hidden pretty well :smiling_imp:


Better late than never i guess O.o

I also have a “Garden District” video uploading that should go live tomorrow ^^


As always very thorough and informative. :sunglasses: no time wasting straight to the point


ThNK YOU SO MUCH. I found this easier and it said more than what I found else where.


Sweet, glad you found it helpful ^^

Patch notes… serious business :wink: :heart:


as i mentioned, here is a quick… long? video exploring the Garden District of Aquatopia ^^

it’s not in my usual style so be sure to share any opinions if you feel like it =) Also, if you like what you see… be sure to visit the Garden District at some point since they have been busy adding cool new stuff including a awesome portal hub ^^


Good tour Jiivita! I loved the part where you broke in cough I mean found an alternative entrance into Nevermore’s ultra modern home.


Awesome vid, Jiivita! and Thanks for the shout out :blush: There are even more homes here now :smiley: and we have a new pool, spa and club


Time for some ketchup =P as I mentioned above I’ve been doing some less-ish polished videos for Reference in an effort to keep up with requests better/get the information out faster along with keeping up with my own to do list o.O

Not exactly sure how well it’s working but it looks good on paper :sunglasses:… as I previously mentioned… I wanted to post these here in groups to avoid unnecessary spamming
I also have plans to do an updated grapple and bow video soonish along with my previously mentioned projects that seem to pile up lol

Request from: TheTinXe (YouTube) So sorry I forgot to give a shout-out!

Request from: Siri (YouTube)

Request from: Xycrone (YouTube)


A quick time-laps from the Chisel Town Founding Event Yesterday… hope you all enjoy


That’s where you were hiding.
I was to your left sitting on floating blocks of gravel.
You got closer look and thus some details of buildings look better than in my recording.


lol I didn’t mean to hide =P… i was a bit sad i picked that spot since i was expecting stuff to be built in area right below me / bottom of the frame… guess i should have done my homework lol… live and learn :rofl:


@Jiivita Thanks for making this timelapse! :slight_smile: Result is even better than expected. This is the future of Boundless, I can’t wait to see more events of that type ^^


Np XD, the Chisel Knights did a superb job :heart: keep up the great work!


Awesome timelapse @Jiivita I’m so jealous I missed it. The city looks great :heart_eyes:


I’m anticipating a pretty long video on 187 @Jiivita :stuck_out_tongue:


lol normally i wait and make a vid for the live version… so 188… but i may have to make an exception this time XD

also i’m torn at the moment on whether to make one long video or to beak it into several smaller videos based on topic… decisions decisions

at any rate… epic patch… there will be a video(s) at some point!


Either way, I’m looking forward to them!


Me too! Waiting for a @Jiivita video is like waiting for your exam grade…


Smaller vids on topics sounds like a better solution.
This way you can focus on stuff and ppl can find videos easier when they need help on a specific topic.

Also looking forward! I still don’t get all of the new systems. :rofl: