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There seems to be a constant white filmy effect that is applied to all inventory, storage, and crafting screens during the night cycle.

It disappears during day time.

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Was there an eclipse occurring at the same time by any chance?

No. It is every night since I’ve log in. Taking screen shots now.

Er. Maybe so…

The “Place a Beacon Control inside a Beacon” Part of the “Configure A Master Beacon Control” Objective doesn’t complete for me.
Playing on live.

I can’t see anyone’s floating name unless they type.

Edit: Fixed itself.

Portals for which I have ownership of the blocks on one end, but are being controlled (Fuel & Token) by someone else from the other end, are allowing me to close them.

@WitnessOne, I owe you guys 100 shards. Sorry. It was for science.


I’m pretty sure it was like this ever since I started 4 months ago.
(Can’t tell for prior :sweat_smile:)

Imagine you couldn’t close portals from your side. You wouldn’t be unable to move or change them as long as they are in use.

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That is how it was before today’s update. Portals that were run by another player became un-accessible to me. Now they are. Which means you can just shut down any portal connection that you only half own, but can not restart.

Hmm, I’m sure I’ve had the option to close someone else’s portal when I own the destination end (at least I always could at my Anoobis settlement). I think this is how is should be - if you own one end, you should be able to close the portal, otherwise how else would you be able to reclaim your plot or change things within your own beacon?


This might be a confusion thing where you have two individual beacons instead of one.

Can you provide a screenshot of the two beacon UI panels please?

These plots don’t exist anymore.
I placed and fueled a new beacon just for this objective.
Then i placed a second beacon inside the same plot.
And as the objective did not complete, i added one more plot with the plotter tool and placed a third beacon in the just added plot.
As this did not help either, i took a screenshot,
removed everything and looked at the new awesome flowers. :grin:

I just added an additional beacon control to one of my older builds and that completed the objective.

It might be the 3rd step which is completing before it is meant to. It should only complete when you interact with the beacon control and set it as the master. But it looks like it is being set when you place a new beacon down as well.

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what about inside beacons? I had 3 natural crystals placed inside my vulpto outpost and now they’re gone… I can’t get the coordinates right now but from the meat locker portal room it’s through the vulpto portal, they were surrounding the beacon control that’s there.
I had some in the crafting table which I took and placed around the meat locker :smiley:
one thing though… is it possible we can place them at different rotations? or maybe rotate them with chisels?

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I’m getting some intermittent fps issues, especially in my base – I think it might be to do with storage blocks.

Do you have screenshots?

@Eldwen, in order to determine whether the beacon permissions are working correctly or not, can you list the following information?

For the portal conduit blocks you own:

  • Does the portal reside in your own beacon or someone else’s beacon? If it’s the latter, what permissions were you give by the other player?

The same question applies for the portal conduits blocks that were fuelled and opened by the other player.

Are those the natural crystals which were displayed as white cubes?

Chisels can be used to rotate machines after they have been placed down, but they cannot be used to rotate other things if that’s what you meant.

Is it FPS issues or lag? Open the Latency Graph to check.

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So I tried to download the Boundless update and got a 40something error(didnt think to catch a screenshot of it). So I restarted steam to still see it never recognized there was an update. I then uninstalled and re-downloaded… got the update but now i cant log in as i get this error.

Both me and my dad have lost connection at the same time twice now within 5 mins. This seems to be when we are both doing things in the same area…