Outfits Exp & Targeting! Release 198 Overview | Jiivita's Corner

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ooo ouch! O.o

well i have no problems leaking the grade… at least imho it’s an:




For those on the new 1-9 system, that’s a 10,000,000,000…


The first of many 187 feature introductions to come ^^


These are one of the things I’m really looking forward to in live :laughing: … great video, very informative​:+1:


This release is is packed with so many awesome new features and changes… Some a lot flashier than this one… This is probably my favorite of all of them <3

It could be just because I spend so much time mining… but just seems so invaluable to just about anyone… esp new players!


Maybe a livestream where you explore for a long period of time, but then you can edit to important or interesting parts.


You need separate videos, as there’s just so many new things in this new update.


<3 the Bomb Introduction video should go live tomorrow around the same time… followed by Range and Focus the following day ^^


Interesting, I brought the lack of compact silt in the glass recipe in the report section. While it is interesting how glass is easier to make, all compact silt will be rendered useless if not converted before the update


I don’t know what gives me more pleasure: usefulness or design of atlases. Hard choice :two_hearts:


Round Two!


17 minutes on blowing stuff up.
3 minutes on supporting other players.

Think we’ve confirmed something about @Jiivita that we always suspected…

Thanks as ever for the :star: video!!


“healer is my favourite role” lies!!!


Commented on the video on YouTube.

This stuff really excites me! Now we just need armor and gear that we can equip onto our characters. It would be pretty cool since that would help diversify character builds even more.

Now I want to start stockpiling Iron Bombs for mining resources! :smiley:

Do the bombs damage yourself if you’re in the blast radius? I am assuming they do.


Oh man. Bombs that delete terrain.

I see so many ‘griefing over lava’ options. :unamused:


we’ll very quickly learn who our real friends are :+1:


@james i would like to nominate @Jiivita for the supernova badge. his videos have undoubtedly helped many generations of boundless players. trulie a pillar of our community!


Moleculor, if they’re wasting bombs to do that then people will just grief proof their builds more. Someone can’t bomb your plotted build anyways and I am sure people will just have a 1 plot border around their builds if they’re able to and it’s only possible to lava grief someone if you’re on a planet with lava and a build next to lava.


:bomb: :smiling_imp: :bomb:

there’s some UI concept art somewhere of the inventory UI that had a “wearables / equiptables” tab ^^

Im always amazed when i forget to mention things like this… players cannot be damaged by bombs originating from players =)

oh that sounds coo… wait


is that a thing???

lol after turning a field into the surface to the moon… i mean after doing some testing… i had roughly the same conclusion =(


Also options for cool mini-games XD


only fair - mobs don’t get damaged by their load