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I was more asking if you can splash damage yourself to death with your own bombs. Not if you could take damage from someone else’s. Kind of like how you can kill yourself with a grapple if you hit a block too quickly.


You can definitely knock yourself off a cliff into the lava? I watched the video but cant remember for life now, is there a knock back effect there that affects the instigator?


I have no idea… I just know that sometimes if I am grappling too fast that I’ve hit blocks and take damage. I get a “floor has hurt you” type of message.

I am curious if the bombs do that with their AOE damage. I plan on using them with my miner but I want to know if I have to worry about them hurting myself.


Your own bombs cannot damage you BUT the knock back effect is applied to you… so as @boundmore mentioned it could throw you somewhere dangerous…


I guess it’s possible… but i’ve blown myself up countless times… your biggest danger is taking true fall damage / falling into lava


Good to know!


I’m thinking more throwing bombs at someone who’s mining deep underground. Deep enough for gold, you’re likely deep enough to end up in lava.


Miners should have the death penalty skills maxed out anyways just cause of lava and fall damage alone.

But I get your point man. :slight_smile:


we will have to wait what death penalty system is going to be in future before we know if it invites grief
current death penalty and the skill removing it are up for scrap sooner or later so whatever grief prevention we can think of for the current system, won’t apply to future ideas


Not everyone will be max level, plus griefing can be more about time wasting than durability loss.

Did I also see bombs destroying dropped blocks and ores? Griefing options there, too.


Another pro vid from the man. good work!


Ores are not destroyed thus bombs are great mining tool.


Bombs have no impact on dropped blocks and ores. In fact, blocks destroyed by bombs can not drop their resources.


Hmm, bombs look interesting … I like the potential for mining underground, just a little bit apprehensive about what the environment might start to look like after a while especially around high traffic un-ploted areas if someone decides to do a bit of landscaping. If they are used on hunts and a dozen hunters are lobbing them about near the meteorite might we not just end up with a huge crater/shaft with everything falling into it? (I assume the meteorite will just stay in place along with trees etc but all the spitters/livestock/hoppers and newbies will fall down it?)


Based on all the comments about griefers and the world visuals we might need to look at making rock/grass/sand/soil blocks more resistant to bombs so you actively need to chuck a few to get rid of them. Clearly leaves should ignore this. :wink:

Play testing bombs in a group with the environment turning into swiss cheese is making combat a little frustrating.


As Havok40k said, This is not the case…

Bombs ONLY Destroy the Blocks that they break =)


If you make them too resistant to the damage then the durability of the bombs might have to go up to compensate for it. 99 durability is pretty low if it takes 2 or 3 bombs to blow up those kinds of blocks.


I suppose it depends on how you want to use the bombs.

Damage to creature bombs = less damage to world more damage to creatures
Healing bombs = No damage to world and healing to players
Demolition bombs = more damage to world and less damage to creatures


Maybe demolition bombs need to be dropped in a hole 2-3 blocks or more deep to be more effective. So on the surface, less destruction - contained, more destruction.


Then I guess there’s a little work to be done on figuring out which bombs are good for what. Personally I want to use them for mining. So if on starter worlds it takes 2 or 3 bombs to blow up dirt, sand, and gravel, it’s going to be more expensive than using a gem hammer with bombs having durability of 99.

It was already stated in the video he made that it takes 2 bombs to kill rock on ring worlds. So that tells me it will take 4 or 5 bombs if the durability of basic blocks goes up against bombs. That means a minimum use of 19 bombs can be used to mine on ring worlds and a max of 24.

Other than just increasing durability, another solution is making the bombs cheaper to craft and just making it a consumable item that you throw whenever you mouse click. So you could smart stack 891 of them and it would just be a stack of 891 individual bomb items you throw at stuff. There wouldn’t be any need for durability gymnastics that way but probably requires more coding work than a durability change.

The main thing that makes the bombs expensive is the 2 volatile blood and the nature of how rare it is to see Hoppers. Perhaps if the Hoppers were more common in Meteorite events, it might not be an issue. So there’s that as well. It helps keep community hunting events alive, adds another dynamic to the events cause Hoppers can be pretty damaging, and provides a tad more volatile blood to make crafting bombs actually worth while.

Luke, just throwing ideas out there to tinker around with. I just don’t like the idea of increasing block resistance to bombs without doing something else to bombs to make up for it. Also, I don’t think people are going to waste their bombs in community hunting groups just to grief the group. That person can be straight up temp banned for a week if that’s how they’re going to be cause it’s 1 person griefing on purpose 10+ other people.


Bombs blow up the materials when you mine a block so you don’t get the drop from them. If you want speed mining that’s what super hammers are for.