Ownership tokens and permission tokens

Here are the possibilities: You could make apartments, You could do land speculation, you can do mall spots more easily, etc.

Here is how it works: Ownership tokens transfer beacon ownership when used. they take up the amount of plots in that beacon. they can be crafted at a beacon. They can be used for land speculation. It gives all of the permissions.
Permission tokens only give the type of permission they are assigned when crafted at a beacon. They can be used for apartments
@james @Leahlemoncakes @vdragon @lucadeltodecso @Minyi @blake I hope you read about this! one of the suggestions i would like to see the most in the game is this!


Yeah. Let’s not do this. Biiiiiiiig nope on this.


Land speculation is already being done :slight_smile:

There’s been lots of discussion on beacon selling, search for “transfer ownership” to find them, I can’t link all of them here :smiley: There was even a poll by the devs HELP! Give us your opinion on transferring and selling beacons!


I 100% support transfering beacons. But only between friends. No money involved, at least not a supported way. Can’t stop people trading money of course.

But land speculation is baaaaad, it’s the cause of like 90% of drama here. To actually facilitate it would very much blur the line between griefing and playing normally.

Just read most of the thread. I find it fascinating how many people voted pro-speculation for money. I didnt start playing until june, were plotblocking and plotgriefing not as big as an issue back then?

Again, 100% in favor of a non-monetary way of beacon transfer. But i can see a million issues arise if plot speculation becomes a legit playstyle. I mean, unless there’s a language barrier here that’s getting me, plot speculation is essentially allowed plot-griefing?


it’s been an issue as long as i’ve been playing (hence why we got the reserved protection in the first place),back then people would deliberately build right up to your build and absorb you into their settlement etc.

i agree transferring between alts/friends but no money (this would just cause even more drama over land ownership and comments like “they bought all their plots so it’s not fair” or arguments over who was there first)

i like this idea really, you can transfer your unwanted place (you going to build elsewhere) to someone who want it apart from the reservation rights


Plot grabbing and extortion are only the very worst aspects of a system like this, and not having the system doesn’t stop them.

I support people that want to build for coin, but more importantly I support better tools for managing existing properties.

As for straight transfer I think we should be able to transfer a beacon without having to unplot/replot for sure. Between alts or between friends. People being able to charge coin is only a side effect. For those that do want to transfer or sell and more importantly for those that want to buy, this would ensure a smooth and complete transfer.

Any time i have to re-beacon a plot I’m paranoid AF.

I have some beacons I’d like to merge on eresho, completely surrounded and in a market area. Lucky for me it would only take contact and cooperation with 3 or maybe 4 players to get that done but yeah, still haven’t bothered.

So I’d also love to see beacon merging. Ideally with a “merge with beacon” list, and maybe a plot changing tool too.


And I would love to add that it would be awesome if we could beacon above another beacon, only works if both beacons are from the same character of course.

Plus I would love if we could transfer full perms to someone on a temporary basis. Ie. I absolutely have no permissions on a beacon I own and transfered the full perms off (so essentially behaving exactly as a beacon owned by the other player) UNTIL I remove that full perm transfer, then the beacon is still mine again.
This would help facilitate rental beacons! I wanted rental beacons to be implemented by the game itself first, but we can handle the payments/rules for it ourselves with this!


I love this idea :heart:

Combine with this, It could open the possibility of building a tall mall or underground mall.
Though i have no idea how to best implement the rules and permissions :thinking:


Oh, this is exactly why I want it!!!

Originally I wanted a proper mall with multiple floors but since that was not possible I searched for alternatives and made a market instead.

When these two items are implemented I would soooo open a Nova Golda Mall!

I am very much against anything that allows a player to take over another players build. I think it allows for griefing on a large scale where I give you a space to build in and then once you have it filled with a bunch of possibly expensive items and blocks I remove those permissions. Now I have full access to all your blocks and you have nothing. All I have to do is claim you failed to make the required rental payments and there really is no way to prove that we ever even agreed to rental payments.

With all the ways players have messed with each other since the game launched, I think it is obvious there are players that would take advantage of other players. So giving them a tool to make it even easier just seems like a bad idea for something that is not necessary.

If this where a possibility i would have done this with Anterra. Simply because its a hassle to replot things i have plotted over there. And the fact is i want to use all 7000 of them else where.

No matter what one adds to this game it can be used in a negative way. If we shoot every idea of with what bad people can use it for then we can’t add anything.

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Empty plots should not be allowed to be transferred in exchange of coin.

Maybe using a ratio between amount of blocks, prestige and the time the build has been there we can filter which plots can be traded for coin.

I will not disagree that a lot of things added can be used in good ways and bad ways. I guess I see way too much downside to this one that far out weighs the limited benefit. I do think there is nothing wrong with not supporting an idea that is not necessary to the game and would bring more bad than good.

Edit: Or just add to the burden for the developers having to referee between the players when they disagree on if some negotiated term was violated or not. They spend way too much time already on plot issues and I think this adds to that rather than reducing it.