Oxide Azure Gleam Found….Thanks Mallow ❤️

Good afternoon!

I’m looking to buy about 200 oxide azure gleam if anyone has got it. Need it for part of my build :heart:

Don’t have any set price just wanting to see if anyone has some!

Gleam lol sorry, was typing fast and didn’t even realize :woman_facepalming:t3:

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Roxies only has 20 blocks, and boundlessinfo/boundlexx is currently down. Will check in a few to see if it comes back up and find more, but may need to ask someone to temporarily change the color on their sov…

I have a SS you can have. I’m in game now if you want to meet somewhere.


I just logged on I can meet you in the TNT hub, you don’t want anything for it?


So glad that worked out for you! Instead of changing the thread name, you can always summon the magic of @majorvex this topic may now be closed :grin:

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Just in case you need more, I’ve changed the colour of gleam on one of my planets to oxide azure.

You can find it at planet donkey via TNT Cardass.