Pacific and atlantic server regions?

I got an idea. if there was someone on vacation gaming, they would probably experience massive lag on servers that they may have homes in (cuz no islands or oceans they are in have regions.) It would also help the community’s request for more planets!

I’m confused. What are you suggesting? There are already US east and US west regions

Also london and australia.

I think the OP is saying they want oceanic based regions, but that wouldn’t solve their problem of home planet lag.

for vacationing players

What region? An Asia region along with a Chinese translation would be pretty sweet.

Well if you’re on vacation most of the time gaming is not the top of the list of things to do as you can do that back home. So enjoy the things you can’t do back home while you’re are on vacation.


This also would be inefficient due to the fact that people still have ping and lag issues even in their own region. As I do for starters even tho I’m like 40 miles away from the london server with decent internet and still have ping issue’s. I know people with 400mb lines one mile away still with ping issue’s. so adding more server’s for ocean regions seems like a waste of money and incredible hard to actually do in practice.

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They use AWS so I’m pretty sure it’s just a few clicks to get a server anywhere they want up and running.

But yes the ping in this game makes no sense. I’m 70 ping to USE and USW and my ping in every other game is 15-20, peak 25-30.

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Same here, My ping playing on Russian servers on other games is 65-80 yet for some reason my ping in here based on the London servers is 60 to 200. it’s so inconsistent to the point I see the bad ping message at least 20 times a day.

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