Paddo Swam's Creations

Paddo Swam’s Icy Slide

Description: An ice slide made on top of a (floating) mountain into water.
Date: ~ November '14
Location: Civini

Paddo Swam’s Lion Head

Description: A ‘hollow’ lion head lair.
Date: ~ November '14
Location: Eisa

Girlfriend Art Project: ‘Oortica’

Description: My girlfriend’s Academy of Arts font project ‘Make a font in-game.’
Date: ~ February '15
Location: Eisa

Edit: No wonder no one posted created as they’re not allowed to post pictures…
Edit 2: Whoop whoop, problem solved, pictures people!


Sorry you can’t post pictures yet, but that’s a restriction on “new users” (@james @ben we’re thinking about relaxing it though, so new users can post pictures - but we need to be careful that we don’t open the site up to spam images)

Once you stop being a “new user” then you will be able to post pictures, you just need to;-

  • create at least 5 topics
  • read at least 30 posts
  • spend more than 10 minutes reading posts

Here’s some more information about “trust levels” in Discourse

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Hey We’ve changed the limit on posting pictures. Was a weird default thing, you can throw them in now :slight_smile:

If that’s true… HERE YOU GO! :smiley:

I love the lion head, didn’t realise it was yours!

My favourite is the lion head, it really shows what you can do with slopes!

I finally know who made the lion head. Been around for a long while!
Edit: didn’t realize I was necroing a 5 month old topic… discourse for mobile does strange things sometimes…