Paint Sand/Cloth Block

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You know what I want also???

That we can treat any, and I mean ANY, block like we can a liquid!

Huh? What???

Well, farming shows us that it IS possible to have TWO blocks be in the same space, a block is chiseled and then we add water/lava to the CHISELED OUT parts of the block and they then happily occupy the same block space.

What if we could do that with any block, not just a liquid??

My buildings could have have nice little corners of wood in an otherwise stone wall, or I can sometimes randomly with a precise square chisel remove 1/8th of a block on the outside of my wall and replace it with a slightly different colour to emulate wear, and, and, and, and

I soooo, soooooooo, would love this possibility!


This would be very nice, but I believe the liquids kind-of ‘enter’ the block model and semi-hide the rest of itself inside the model where you can’t see it?
At least, that’s what I’ve seen done in other games.

Then those blocks should enter the other blocks too? :slight_smile:

(and stop the smirking will ya, you’re not 12 anymore!)

I havent tried it, or used that water breaking things. but I think there was an option to turn water in ice ? mby you can use that to fill the gap and then if needed to paint it with spraycans.

Once it solidifies it returns to a full block, breaking the other block and replacing it entirely…

oh. but would a been cool tought

Yeah but since ice is a block anyway they might as well easily do it with ANY block instead, then we also get those textures and not just ice textures…

I can smirk if I want to, I can leave my friends behind. Because my friends don’t smirk, and if they don’t smirk, then they’re no friends of mine.

Yeh… thats not going to happen.

Liquids are not the same as blocks, liquids consume 1 byte of memory, blocks consume 4 bytes, we actually only have space for another 3 liquid types before wed have to do a huge change to make liquids use more memory (which we’d not really want to do either…)


Would the 2D blocks shown above, like say, a glass floor/ramp/ceiling be out of the question too? I mean, people use gleam signs for such already, but it’d be lovely to have actual sleek
platform blocks to build with, instead of taking up the entire/half block.

I think one of devs said they have already prepared somthing with glass. it will work like sign modules or somthing like that.

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:frowning_face: That’s a shame, sigh. :cry:

Though, we really are here to ask for some cool cloth/sand blocks that can be painted! :sunglasses:

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