Panda Farming™ - For some of your farming needs

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Hi we from Pandaland build … a thing. We at Pandaland believe in the universal philosophy of lazyness. In this spirit, the concept of farming for stuff in one place and not rolling around (because panda dont walk we roll) is very appealing.

Therefore we present:
Panda Farming
(Basically i am to lazy to write more now)
The basic concept is, that we tried to build vertical farms if possible, because they are faster.
We build it on a T3 planet, because it does not make a big difference to T1 ressource wise but it was a way higher output.
I would like you to not plot beacons but plotting campfires is possible (sometimes even neccessary and advised) and most farms have campfire spots

if you have suggestions or improvements they are very welcome.
Edit: Completly forgot to add how to get there😅 Tnt megahub has a Portal called panda loves Tanuki, this will get you to the hub.

Pictures wup wup

Current farms:
Sponge/Pulsating Orb
twisted wood
inky leafs/reactive lammella/ Life Orbs
fleshy/fibrous leafs
Sand and Gravel
Sand and Soil
Peat and Clay

Stuff to Do

Add more explanations
Add bins
Add FAQ/Glossar
Add the Ice farm
Add Water Farm
Add t6 Farms
Add more inky/fleshy leaf farms
Add more Flower Farms
Add Grass Farms


Nice work. Can I suggest a colour change of the white signs with the white gleam background? Pretty difficult to read. Great farms though :grin:

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Yeah i am working on more decorative black gleam to change that ^^
Edit: changed it

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Panda Panda Panda Panda Panda Panda!

Got some mud there the other day <3

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