Pandora Mall grand Opening

I am proud to announce the Pandora Mall!
As of today, Pandora Mall is officially open. you can get there by 2 Portals, via TNT and the RTG HUB. Scroll down for Portal screenshots.

If you want to build a shop just take 1 of the free shop spaces in the Mall. If you have any questions or special requests contact me via the mailbox in the mall or join our
Pandora Mall discord server: Discord
(Im not online all the time so its easier for me to respond via the discord server)

I hope to see some new shops pop up soon, with that said enjoy your stay at the Pandora Mall. :grin:

RTG HUB and TNT Portals:

Pandora Mall:


For anyone who got lost like me, directions from TNT Megahub:

Go through Gellis planet portal, turn right

It’s the tallish portal with a blinking LED block


We updated our Mall post and added a link to our discord server.

Note: Im on Vacation from May 30th until 10th of June, so i will only be able to respond to discord messages.

Have fun shopping :smiley:

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just saying - there is no perm at planet, cant place beacon, cant build, cant gather :smiley:

even if i get friend perm to build at your planet the other players cant interact with shopstands?

you can visit and build on Pandora, only gathering is for me and my friends

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thanks for clarification :slight_smile:

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