Pandora Mall grand Opening

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I am proud to announce the Pandora Mall!
As of today, Pandora Mall is officially open. you can get there by 2 Portals, via the TNT all Block Museum and the RTG HUB. Scroll down for Portal screenshots.

You can Visit Pandora but you need Planet building permissions to be able to build a shop. If you want to build a shop send me a PM here or via the mailbox in the mall.

I hope to see some new shops pop up soon, with that said enjoy your stay at the Pandora Mall. :grin:

RTG HUB and TNT all Block Museum Portals:

Pandora Mall:


For anyone who got lost like me, directions from TNT Megahub:

Go through Gellis planet portal, turn right

It’s the tallish portal with a blinking LED block