Parkour in Oort Online

It seems that more and more games now a days use parkour and i think it would be pretty cool if oort did the same.

Some of the basic things i think would be neat

Keeping momentum.

the ability to jump over 1 block tall objects without losing your momentum.


Other things would be such as sliding, ledge grapping, running up a wall and grapping the ledge, and running up a wall to jump out and over the person behind you if you are getting chased.

i know this would be insanly hard to mkae without being wonky but if you managed to pull it off it would simply be epic.

I can’t see them putting in wall running with the game being wonky about it, but making the character automagically walk up 1 tall blocks and including an animation to make it smooth would be a nice sight.

Climbing would also be nice, there’s always something in a game that’s just barely too high to jump on, but usually game characters have hands and it would be nice if they could prove that they can do something with those hands that I would do if I didn’t feel like walking around a fence the long way. It’s like someone handing you their trash asking you to throw it away for them, you have friggin legs go do it yourself you lazy ■■■.

Yeah I would like to see a little bit of ledge climbing too. Nothing too high mind you, but if you could hoist yourself up 2 high block walls (with a bit of a speed penalty ofc) It would be very nice for making the terrain feel nicer and more fluid.

Over all I think the movement in the game might be one of the features I am most concerned about. Fluid feeling movement is a must in any good game nowadays, and I think some basic boosts to the feel of movement will be important. Given we may not need a whole parkour system, but Improving the movement in game right now should be something that gets added before beta at least. Games are often defined by how movement feels, and on a blocky voxel world, smooth movement can make the game feel that much more real.