Pas content... Mais du tout du tout!

Apart from a few exeptions, you convinced me to never come back to this forum. Never has he seen anything so mentally closed and so sectarian. There is a amount of worry in this community. I will continue to play without you because for the moment, I have nothing to say about the mechanics and the realization of this game. Well done to the team, too bad for the rest …


There can be a lot of good that comes from this forum - useful tips and fun things shared, but I agree that there is some toxicity here. That’s the human race though :blush:


That is quite the understatement… but fortunately with the permanent forum ignore for players and easy mute for entire threads, you can make the forums more to your own style and weed out much of the bad stuff.


No, but you are so cute! Lucky you are married :smirk:

Do not scold you because of me, I leave as I came

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