Pay Cubits for Coins or


I am a shopkeeper and I vehemently oppose this suggestion.

EDIT: I am a shopkeeper that sells Forge Materials, so feel free to swing by when you decide to give Forging an honest go.

Ark’n’Art’s: when you Forge with us, you Forge with love.


the only reason forged tools are so “expensive” is because they are selling for that price because people can afford them.


OK. Then I’m probably too stupid for Boundless. I do not understand the forging system and for weeks I have not found request baskets to sell my Gems, Ores, Leaves … etc so I can not afford any more forged tools.


That’s funny since I buy ores and leaves!


It really isn’t your fault man. I think it’s an inherit problem with how many shops are around in the game and how the majority of them seem to never get updated and there for be considered inactive and irrelevant to visit again.

I walked through Gyosha Mall and noticed a lot of the shops seemed to be empty, inactive, or not selling stuff that I wanted to buy personally. Granted I was mostly window shopping and checking prices on stuff but that’s besides the point.

People don’t advertise their shops. I bet if someone made a thread on these forums advertising their shop they would see a direct increase in sales to that shop and that’s if they’re even selling stuff people want.

I have my own issues with forging and it does have a learning curve to it; which is something I didn’t really expect in this game but I can live with it for everything else I like about the game.

I am telling you man if I had a shop I’d buy as many gems, ore, and leaves and anything else you have that I could use but I don’t and for that I am sorry.

You could always make an itemized list of stuff you have to sell and then make a post on these forums about what you’re selling since you’re having trouble finding a shop to directly sell to on a regular basis. Just an idea man.


Loving all the shameless advertising opportunity here! Sell me your things if you’re so hard up for coin!


My #1 customer, RealStupify, was celebrating his 1,000,000th coin when he told me he discovered the key to making coin-

Gather the things people want!

All Beans, Inky Leaves, Roadrunner Feather Trophies, etc!



Not now, not ever! People with the most real life money can then buy everything they want in-game.

Absolutely not desirable at all!


Excuse me?

If you yourself do not forge then you have no idea what one needs to make a succesful forged item…

I need quite a few mats that aren’t all that easy to find and I need quite a lot of them so I depend on people seling them to me.

If 12999c is too much for you then you’re not ready yet to take that step.

Why not start to get gems the way most of us did? With iron and titanium tools? Non-forged as well.

Or if gems is not the reason you want to be able to have access to forged tools then what is?
What is your current level for instance?

PS. Nothing wrong with your English!


I have 3 request baskets for the 3 types of leaves, every day I put between 10k and 30k in at least inky and fibrous. I put around 200k coin in all my baskets together every day!

Where to find me? New Leyden Market, Coin Converters, shop number B3.
Portals at Ultima HQ red shop floor, PS Lamblis SE corner inner ring, Gellis Prime, Taco Land, R3D’s, River Town, etc., etc., etc.

Also forged gear for only 12999c at Original Forgeries (D3). The Coin Converters of Fidach (B4) also has baskets for ore, other shops there have baskets as well!

Don’t give up too easily!

I need all those things too! So better watch it otherwise I put a wall around your shop at New Leyden Market :joy:
Kidding, kidding, would never do that, haha!


I made a lot of money (primarily during early access, when I didn’t want to have my own shop) as a mercenary gatherer. :stuck_out_tongue:

I talked to a bunch of shop owners and crafters, they would make orders for what they wanted, how much they wanted, and when they wanted it delivered, we’d negotiate a price, and I’d go out and gather for them.

I bet people could still make good coin with similar strategies, and it’s always best for all involved when it can be hand-traded instead of basket-delivered. :slight_smile:

Just requires a bit of networking.

Not to mention that it removes the uncertainty of ‘will someone sell me enough beans today?’, which can be annoying when you need specific stuff to restock shop stands.


Beans beans beans… I run a shop and i have a huge shortage of those. Placed a post a couple of days ago and got like 1 offer only.


I had a shop on Gellis for a long time, which I advertised almost every day on Discord. There I tried diamonds of 50C each, topaz at 35C, titanium at 20C, blades at 3C-9C … and much more. There was never bought anything, because the prices are too high. And I spent several hours every day on every planet for weeks trying to find request baskets where I could sell. In vain or titanium / diamonds, leaves to only 1C, which I honestly is too cheap for the effort. - This was too long a time that I first lost the desire to Boundless. And I hope there’s something coming in the future, that it’s easier to get coins.

Edit: I was also in the shops, where it always says that the filled request baskets and would buy, in vain.

That’s the only way I can repeat myself. I would definitely pay Cubits for coins, although I have very little money.


And if that were possible, we’d be entering the micro-transaction, Pay-2-Win model which has no place in Boundless. Just sayin’.

Also, if I’d have seen advertisements for titanium etc. at those prices, you would have sold out within minutes because I’d have bought the lot. You mustn’t have tried that hard to advertise, really. Again, Jus Sayin’. :slight_smile:


This is very true!!! I’ve done a couple “freebies at my store” ads in here and discord, and definitely noticed the uptick in sales. Both in Gyosha Mall and Blacklight. Sure allot of people come in and shoot straight for the back to the free stuff. (50 toxic shards are back there now :slight_smile: ) but, they still walk through and see everything. Some will buy, some won’t buy, but will come back a different day and buy.

Even having a sign in front for those who just pass by helps. Like the mental trick of: “2 for ONLY 100c” or the other way “ONLY 50c each!!”. Both say the exact same thing, but one of those sells better than the other…

Edit: sorry that was off topic, but figured I’d put the strore front idea in their head again for a way to make coin again.

I’m with everyone else…no no and uh big NO! That screams PTW threads…

Edit2(last time): you set up a store selling gems at that price…and I’ll be racing @C0ND1T10NR3D to the stands haha!

I’d rather the devs have a DONATE button on their website for those of us not big into huge plot builds or looks, that I can give my money to for the appreciation for their hard work. Along with how many of them there are so id know to donate accordingly. Opposed to cubits for coin. Period.


The problem with the economy is that it’s too easy for everyone to generalize and get everything by themselves.


The only way this could work, is if they just made it so you can sell cubits to players. This ENABLES people who can’t afford cubits, to obtain them through trading in game… However, people would complain that it was pay to win, because they would say people who spend money can just buy their way to the top…


this is the best way to break the economy completely…


I’m okay with that I had thought a token you can buy with cubits and sell for coins token give 1 week of gleam club.

You could do the same with a cubits token, you buy the token sell for coins and once consumed token give cubits.


Like EVE Plex