The Ark'n'Art Company

Welcome, traveller!

Ark’n’Art’s; when you Forge with us, you Forge with love!

At Ark’n’Art’s, you’ll find a number of general goods, and both aspiring and established Forgemasters alike can find many Centraforge materials, at reasonable prices! We work hard to keep supply up, and prices down!

Need to make some coin? We have hundreds of thousands of coin in our request baskets, yours for the taking! Selling us the items we need helps us maintain stock of the items YOU need! (Note: Prices fluctuate based on frequency of purchases and our current stock.)

Located at the Gyosha Mall (Suite #81/#422), with direct access from the [PS] Biitula Shopping Hub.
All of our locations are connected to each other for our customers’ convenience!

Display Stores:

Ark’n’Art’s: Legendville Mall, with direct access from the Legendville Portal Hub.
Ark’n’Art’s: New Leyden Market with a nearby 4x4 portal to the rest of the shop chain.

If you ever have questions or requests, feel free to contact us!

Ark- Arkir, Suvari
Artemis- Artemisxo, Auroraxo, Kali0x

Alastor- Alastor, Mineyobidness

Proud Member of Portal Seekers!

Ark’n’Art’s: Gyosha Mall:

Ark’n’Art’s: Legendville Mall:

Ark’n’Art’s: New Leyden Market:


We are located in Suite #81/#422, near the north end of N 2nd/3rd St.

Don’t forget to visit our fellow shops as well!

-Map courtesy of MajorVex


Found your place. Nice, bought some stuff, can’t remember what it was LOL. I was in so many shops, looking and picked up some items at three or four shops. Getting ready to set up my own shop.
I like how you have the stands set up. Makes it easy to see the items and see what the price is.


Thank you, Janna! I am glad you were not only able to locate us, but found items you wanted/needed as well! I hope to see you back soon!

Also if you need any help setting up your shop, feel free to contact me! I’d be more than happy to help out, and certainly look forward to seeing the finished shop!

Will do so. Looking around and seeing what others are charging for the items they are selling. Want to match as close as possible, unless they have it so low I will lose. Or so stupidly expensive that it is a ripoff; that is the only reason my prices will vary much. Right now I have the floor down and a glass ceiling, LOL Need to make some more stands, maybe.

I have stands and baskets for sale in my shop!

If you need more stands, I should have more in storage!

I have some at my base, I had set them up but realized that there are so few players around that I won’t sell much. Which is why I decided to go to the mall. I need to make some coin. Don’t want a lot, but want to have more than 7 or 10k coin in my “pocket”.
So I think I will just take quite a few of them. I set up a room inside like a diner where you bought your food and took it out on the lake and sat at the table and chairs to enjoy your meal and drink. My base is a small lighthouse, not finished yet.

Sounds serene!

Tons of Forge Materials on the stands, tons more cooking away overnight! Visit Ark’n’Art’s for your Centra-Forging needs!

More info in original post!

Suggestions? We want to hear them!

Our customers and neighboring shopkeepers have honored us by voting us the #1 Shop of the Week in the entire Mall! Art and I could not be more excited and thankful; as such we have lowered prices across the store for the rest of the day! 90c Boon Compound 3, 65c Draining Compound 1, the ever sought-after Boon Transmute Solvent for 1250c! Swing by and say hello, and take home some food for your Forge!

Ark’n’Art’s, when you Forge with us, you Forge with love!

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Recommended shop for forge mats, most reasonable prices ive found & carry just about everything.

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solid prices really good shop can recommend

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Agree, a great place to shop at, have bought a few things there. When I start getting more coins I will be spending a lot more there, LOL.

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Ark’n’Art’s FLASH SALE

Ark’n’Art’s is having a FLASH SALE on ALL creature trophies!

Hopper Cores: 750c
Wildstock Horns: 150c
Cuttletrunk Tentacles: 25c
Spitter thingies: 25c

Get them while supplies last!!



C’mon down to Ark’n’Art’s folks! And bring us all yours Spicy Beans! 13c EACH!!

Excellent source of coin for new Citizens and seasoned Oortians alike.

Ark’n’Art’s, for all your Forging needs!!

The only location is currently the Gyosha Mall location, accessible from [PS] Biitula and the Legendville Portal Hub. Unfortunately it won’t let me edit the old New Leyden and Legendville Mall locations out of the original post.

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Will you be opening shop at Nova Golda? (New New Leyden)